How To Stop A Cane Corso
From Chewing

Do you own a Cane Corso? If so, you know all too well how much they enjoy chewing. In fact, it's estimated that 80% of Cane Corsos chew on things despite their owners' best efforts to stop them.

Whether your pup is teething or just trying to entertain themselves, it can be difficult to get them to stop chewing. Luckily, there are some simple yet effective ways to discourage your pup from chewing and help them learn more appropriate behaviors.

In this article, we'll explore why Cane Corsos chew and provide tips on how to stop the behavior for good.

Key Takeaways

• Cane Corsos are natural chewers, with 80% engaging in chewing behaviors.
• Destructive chewing can occur due to boredom, anxiety, lack of exercise, or mental stimulation.
• Providing safe and durable chew toys can redirect their chewing behavior.
• Positive reinforcement, such as treats or verbal praise, should be used to encourage appropriate chewing behavior.

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how to stop a cane corso from chewing

Are Cane Corsos Chewers?

You may be wondering if Cane Corsos are prone to chewing in the first place. The answer is yes, they certainly can be! Like all puppies and young dogs, Cane Corsos tend to explore their environment with their mouths, and since teething is part of growing up, chewing objects such as furniture or shoes becomes a natural habit.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your pup learn proper chewing behavior and prevent destructive chewing from occurring.

The most important thing you can do is make sure your pup has plenty of safe chew toys available for them to munch on rather than furniture or other household items. Choose durable toys that will last longer and provide an adequate challenge for your pup. You should also ensure that the toys don't contain any small parts that could present a choking hazard. Additionally, it's important that the toy doesn't break apart easily into smaller pieces - if it does, replace it immediately.

It's also important to remember that puppies need lots of exercise in order to stay healthy and happy - not just physical exercise but mental stimulation too! Provide your pup with plenty of opportunities for playtime throughout the day so they're less likely to seek out something else - like furniture -to chew on. You can also teach them basic commands such as 'leave it' or 'stop' when you catch them in the act of destructive chewing so they learn self-control over their behaviors.

Last but not least, make sure you praise your pup whenever they engage in good behavior such as playing with their toys instead of other objects around the house – positive reinforcement goes a long way towards helping promote desired behaviors! With patience and consistency, you can successfully stop a Cane Corso from destructive chewing habits once and for all!

Why Does My Cane Corso Chew Everything?

Are you wondering why your pooch is munching on everything? A Cane Corso, like any breed of dog, can be a chewer. The reasons for this chewing can vary from pup to pup, but there are certain common factors that could be contributing to it.

For example, puppies will often chew as part of the teething process - just like human babies do. Additionally, dogs may engage in destructive chewing when they're anxious or bored and don't have anything else fun to do. This behavior may also come from being under-exercised or not having enough mental stimulation throughout the day.

Pro-tip: Cane Corso anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

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How Do I Stop My Cane Corso From Chewing?

To help prevent your pup from destructive chewing, you'll need to take steps to address the underlying causes.

• Make sure your Cane Corso is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, as this can help reduce boredom and anxiety that can lead to inappropriate chewing.

• Provide plenty of chew toys and rotate them regularly so your pup stays interested in them.

• Keep items like shoes or furniture out of reach so they're not tempted to chew on those things instead.

• Be sure to provide positive reinforcement when your pup chews on appropriate items, such as giving a treat or verbal praise.

• If you catch them beginning to chew on something they shouldn't, redirect their attention by offering an acceptable object for them to chew on instead.

With consistency and patience, you should be able to help stop unwanted behavior like chewing from occurring with your Cane Corso.

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How To Stop A Cane Corso From Chewing...
Final Thoughts

It's understandable to feel frustrated when your Cane Corso chews up your favorite pair of shoes, but don't worry; with a little time and consistency, you can teach them to stop.

Take the time to get to know their chewing triggers and provide them with appropriate chew toys.

Be consistent in offering positive reinforcement for good behavior, like rewarding them with treats or praise whenever they use their chew toys instead of furniture or other belongings.

With some patience and guidance, it won't be long until your pup is a well-behaved companion that you can trust in any home setting!

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