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by Ken Alden

Hello there! I'm Ken Alden, a passionate Mastiff enthusiast and owner. My journey with these magnificent animals began one fateful day 8 years ago when I laid eyes on the most adorable puppy I'd ever seen, Shadow. Ever since that day, Shadow and I have been inseparable, and he's been the main protagonist of the beautiful tapestry of experiences that make up my life as a dog owner.

About Me 1Myself, Shadow (L) and sister Chloe (R)

I've always had the ardent belief that owning a dog isn't just about feeding and taking care of them; it's about understanding them. This led me to become well-versed in everything from care, grooming, and health issues to training and beyond for my beloved Shadow. In fact, I've dedicated so much time and energy to acquiring extensive knowledge about Mastiffs that I consider myself an expert in handling and caring for these majestic creatures.

Mastiffs are a unique breed, a wonderful blend of power and grace. They are a breed that requires commitment, patience, and above all, passion. Over the years, I've been able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training Shadow, managing his health issues, as well as grooming him to look his very best. And let me tell you, nothing matches the pride of taking your well-groomed, healthy, and impeccably trained Mastiff for a walk in the park!

But what's knowledge if it isn't shared, right? That's why I've always been keen on offering advice on Mastiff care. Over the years, I've shared my insights and experiences with many other Mastiff owners, in the hopes of helping them and their loyal companions navigate their journeys together in the best possible way. I like to think of it as contributing to a community of passionate dog lovers who, like me, are awe-inspired by these remarkable animals.

Shadow the Cane CorsoShadow full grown

Even though I’m not a vet or a breeder, I started this Mastiffs-focused website out of my own deep admiration and love for these gentle giants. Encountering issues with their care, I couldn't find the all-in-one resource I needed. So, I decided to create one myself; to guide other Mastiffs lovers to ensure their furry friends live healthy, enriching lives.

This Websites Goals:

1. Provide accurate and comprehensive information about Mastiff care across multiple breeds.

2. Offer knowledgeable, helpful advice on grooming and health checks.

3. Suggest effective training techniques specific to Mastiffs.

4. Share detailed knowledge on optimal feeding habits.

5. Advocate for responsible Mastiff breeding and ownership.

So yeah, that's me - Ken, a Mastiff expert, lover, and Shadow's best friend. If you have questions about your Mastiff, or perhaps just want to share experiences, I'm always here for some hearty dog talk!

About Me 3Shadow after some training

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