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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ken and I am the grand mastermind (I use that term loosely) behind this website.

Having always been an entrepreneur at heart, I started this site because of not only my love for Mastiffs, but also as a way express my enjoyment of writing as well as the love I've had of making people laugh since I was a kid. Yes, I was a class clown.

No doubt as you go thru this site you'll encounter some of my unique humor, well, it's mine and you might have noticed it's pretty off the wall at times, but heck, Mastiffs are a fun topic and writing about them should be a fun thing, so I've tried to make it more so.

My History With Dogs…

When I was growing up my family had two dogs, Frisky and Taffy. Frisky was our first and was my sisters, and was loved by all.

Frisky was of dubious lineage and seemed to be called everything but Frisky.

Names like Friskella Louise when it was good, Friskella on an average day, and a lot of other more "colorful" adjectives when she was bad. Ahhh but that dog was loved.

Frisky also taught me a thing or two about the birds and bees.

Like the time a stray dog somehow got into our backyard.......

It was a shocking sight for young eyes, but Frisky never complained.

Not long after, Frisky became a Mom ** which started a family debate, which puppy do we keep, would it be Pickles? Fred or Ethel? (I Love Lucy was a popular T.V. show back then) or Taffy?

Well, since this was going to be "my" dog, Taffy won out, and the other pups went on to happy homes. Besides, what young boy with a degree of self-respect would want to have a dog named Pickles? Needless to say, Taffy was a fun part of my growing up as she always wanted to play ball, and followed me everywhere. She never had her own litter as we learned from past experiences to keep the back gate locked, but I'm sure she would have made a fine mom.

**I totally encourage all dog owners to have their pup spayed or neutered as to avoid unwanted litters. Our family didn't have Frisky fixed because back in the 1960's it wasn't promoted as heavily as it thankfully is today, so it didn't cross our minds, nor would it have been in the family budget. Besides, Frisky was a backyard dog...this is proof though that "things happen" so please...spay, neuter or keep your backyard gate padlocked!!

My History With Mastiffs…

Several years back I was visiting a large outdoor mall with a friend when we noticed a crowd had gathered around something. Curious as to what everyone was interested in we approached and saw what first appeared to be a small horse but in actuality was a large English Mastiff!

This thing was huge by Frisky and Taffy size standards and was a truly magnificent animal.

It was sitting down basking in the glow of its small crowd adoration when I approached to pet it.

It allowed me to do so then it leaned into my lower legs.

Wow! Its sheer size and weight caused me to bend at the knees!

This thing was fascinating! So much so that I wanted to learn more about them…and so the seed of this website was sown.

As I started researching them I discovered all their variations as well as individual eccentricities, temperament and proficiency at drooling.

Learning about them became almost an obsession (do I need help?...don’t answer that)

I wanted to adopt one myself but either could not afford it at the time (these things do eat) or did not have the home size to allow me to do so yet my research continued.

As time went by I eventually accumulated a lot of facts and info about them, so much so I decided to create a website to house all I learned, also as a way to vent my love of writing.

Now I don’t profess to know every little thing about all Mastiff breeds (who does?) but what I am sharing with you on this website is my passion for this amazing dog as well as all I’ve learned in the pages of this site.

I’m confident that you’ll find all the information on these pages to be accurate and presented with the same tender loving care and attention like I give all the animals that cross my path.

I hope you enjoy my website and that my love for this breed shows,


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