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Helpful Info and Insight About This Unique Breed

Welcome, Great Dane enthusiast! Here you'll find an incredible collection of over 15 articles, each with comprehensive insights on the magnificent Great Dane breed. Whether you're looking for tips on Great Dane training, info on feeding, learnings on their likes and dislikes, or the pros and cons of having them as family pets, I've got it all. Brush up on your knowledge about puppy care or dig deeper into understanding their unique traits. Visit article after article, all here to quench your thirst for all things Great Dane. Dive in, and enjoy the fascinating world of these gentle giants!

Great Dane breed information

Great Dane
Breed Information

Discover everything about them from their history to traits and more. Health issues and personality will be discussed too.

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Are Great Danes good family dogs?

Are Great Danes
Good Family Dogs?

We answer the Top 10 questions most families have about this dog. Read this if you're thinking of bringing one home...

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Great Dane dog care guide

Great Dane
Dog Care Guide

This covers everything you'll need to know from puppy to adult. Feeding, grooming, exercise, vaccinations, socializing etc.

Are Great Danes prone to health issues?

Are Great Danes
Prone To Health Problems?

Large breeds are prone to many health issues. We cover the ones most likely common to this dog. 

Best pet insurance for Great Danes

Best Pet Insurance
For Great Danes

Large breeds like Danes are prone to expensive health issues. We review the top 3 carriers for the
best coverage and price.

Are Great Danes High or low maintenance?

Are Great Danes
High Or Low Maintenance?

Are Great Danes easy, hard or expensive to maintain? Are they demanding or laid back?Find out for sure.

How much exercise does my Great Dane need?

How Much Exercise Does My Great Dane Need?

Do they need a lot or a little? How much is too much? Can certain exercises hurt my dog?
Find out here...

Great Dane temperament and personality

Great Dane Temperament
And Personality

Personality wise what are Great Danes like... mellow or hyper? Funny or serious? Learn more here...

Great Dane health concerns

Great Dane 
Health Concerns

We answer 26 of the most common questions asked pertaining to the health of this breed. We also provide helpful answers.

Can Great Danes tolerate hot or cold?

Can Great Danes Tolerate Hot
Or Cold Weather?

Do you live in a hot or cold climate? Or maybe are thinking of moving to one? Here's Dane can take.

Great Dane puppy care guide

Great Dane
Puppy Care
Tips And Guide

This guide will start your Dane off on the right paw with things all new owners should know.

What are Great Dane lumps and bumps?

Great Dane Lumps And Bumps
What Are They?

Notice those lumps and bumps on your Great Dane...what are they? Are they reason for concern?

Why are Great Danes scared of everything?

Why Are Great Danes
Scared Of Everything?

Sure seems like they are! We explore the causes and offer tips to address this issue.

Great Danes for beginners

Great Danes 
For Beginners

We answer 28 questions that newbie as well as current owners
ask about this breed.

Senior Great Dane care

Great Dane Care

Elderly Great Danes need special care especially in the area of comfort and feeding. We discuss this and more...

How to raise a healthy Great Dane

How To Raise
A Healthy Great Dane

Here's 7 great tips that deal with potential health issues to things that all owners should know for a healthy Great Dane.

Great Dane good and bad

Great Dane
Good And Bad

Before bringing a Dane home it's good to know their pros and cons
and not to be caught by surprise. Here they are...

What were Great Danes originally bred to do?

What Were Great Danes Originally Bred To Do?

This breed has a fascinating and colorful history. They weren't always the mellow dog you've come to know and love...

Great Dane behavior stages and characteristics

Great Dane Behavior Stages
And Characteristics

Just like children growing up that go thru "stages" so do Great Danes. Here's what you can expect during their early years.

How to stop Great Dane aggression

How To Stop
Great Dane Aggression

This breed isn't always mellow and easy going...sometimes they can get unruly and hyper. Here's how to put yourself back in charge.

Great Dane basics

Great Dane Basics
You've Always Wanted To Know

These questions will answer everything you wanted to know about this breed but might have been afraid to ask!

What do Great Danes like?

What Do
Great Danes

Do they have preferences in what they like or dislike? You might be surprised...

Raw diet recipes for Great Danes

Raw Food Diet Recipes
For Great Danes

Raw food diets are the healthiest of diets for Great Danes. Here's some tasty meal recipes.

How to put weight on a skinny Great Dane

How To Put Weight
On A Skinny Great Dane

Learn if your Dane is skinny or just lean. Learn also the healthy way to put weight on your skinny Great Dane.

Great Dane Puppy 101

Great Dane
Puppy 101

These Top 15 questions are those frequently asked by new owners about their Dane puppies.

Great Dane traits and qualities

Great Dane Traits And Qualities

So what's good about them and what's not so good about them?
You'll be surprised!...

Great Dane with young girl

Are Great Danes Good With Kids Or Babies?

Can you trust a Great Dane around kids or babies? Are they predictable enough?
Might their size be a problem?

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