Dogo Argentinos

Helpful Insight & Info About This Unique Breed

The following articles about Dogo Argentinos cover everything current and new owners might need to know about this amazing dog. 

In these articles, you'll have all your questions answered about whether they're good family dogs, what their health issues are, what their exercise needs are, and even tips for new Dogo owners and more. Read on!...

dogo argentino exercise needs

Dogo Argentino
Dog Breed

We cover everything about the Argentinian Mastiff
from it's temperament, history and care.
Helpful for those considering bringing one home...

dogo argentino good and bad

Top 23 Facts

Dogo Argentino

These 23 interesting
facts about the
Argentine Dogo
will answer everything
you ever wanted to know
about this Mastiff...


Dogo Argentino
Feeding Guide
And Schedule

From puppy to adult we cover Dogo nutritional
needs to feeding
amounts to scheduling
and review the best
foods for this breed.


Dogo Argentino
Raw Food

Considered as the
healthiest diet for Dogos,
we explain raw feeding
as well as give food amounts and recipes.


Raising A
Dogo Argentino

We cover everything
from what to expect,
to their temperament
to socialization,
to feeding and more...


Dogo Argentino
Breed Characteristics and Traits

Learn about their temperament,
health issues, socialization,
appearance as well as
their history.


Where Are Dogo
Argentinos Illegal
Or Banned?

They're not welcomed everywhere for one
reason or another.
Find out for sure before
you travel or move
with your Dogo.


Are Dogo Argentinos
Or Dangerous?

This breeds background in fighting should be considered before
bringing one home.
Learn more about their good and bad.

dogo argentino and little girl

Are Dogo

Good Family Dogs?

We answer all of the concerns you might
have before you
bring one home.
Knowing this
is important 


Dogo Argentinos
For Beginners

Here are answers
to the Top 16 questions asked most frequently
by new owners
of this breed.

dogo argentino health problems

Dogo Argentino
Health Issues

Large breeds like Dogos suffer from health
issues. Learn about
them all, their symptoms and treatments.

dogo argentino exercise needs

Dogo Argentino
Exercise Needs

How much or little exercise do they need? Learn this as well as some helpful exercise ideas to make things fun!

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Ken Alden, a dedicated Mastiff owner for over eight years, is acclaimed for his expertise in care, grooming, and training. Read more About Me and my dog Shadow.

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