Various Mastiff Breeds
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Bandog Mastiff

Bandog Mastiff

Bandog Mastiff
Breed Information

Learn the history, facts, and temperament of the American Bandogge. This obscure Mastiff
breed has some fascinating traits!

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Boerboel Mastiff

South African Boerboel

South African Boerboel
Mastiff Dog Breed Facts

Not only is their history fascinating, but so are their personalities and characteristics. Learn too about health and care issues...

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Boerboel Mastiff

19 Interesting Facts & Info
About Boerboel Dogs

These 19 interesting things about the South African Mastiff will fill in the knowledge blanks you may have about them...

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Raw food diet

Best Raw Food Diet
For Boerboels

Raw food diets are a very healthy alternative to canned and dry foods. Learn how to get your Boerboel started up on one.

Boerboel Mastiff playing with a man

Boerboel Mastiff
Dog 101

We answer the Top 21 questions pertaining to all topics that most people ask about this amazing breed. 

Dogue De Bordeaux

Cute Dogue De Bordeaux puppies

The Dogue De Bordeaux
Breed Information

Learn not only about the history as well as the temperament and traits of the French Mastiff, but also about their care...

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Dogo Argentino Mastiff

Dogo Argentino in flowers

Dogo Argentino
Dog Breed Information

We cover everything about the Argentinian Mastiff from it's
temperament, history and care.
Helpful for those considering one...

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Two Dogo Argentinos

Top 23 Facts About
Dogo Argentino

These 23 interesting facts about
the Argentine Dogo will answer
everything you ever wanted to
know about this Mastiff...

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Dog food and dog bowl

Dogo Argentino Feeding Guide And Schedule

From puppy to adult we cover
Dogo nutritional needs to feeding
amounts to scheduling and
review the best foods.

Raw dog food diet

Dogo Argentino
Raw Food Diet

Considered as the healthiest
diet for Dogos, we explain raw
feeding as well as give food
amounts and recipes.

Cute Dogo Argentino puppy

Raising A
Dogo Argentino Puppy

We cover everything from what
to expect, to their temperament
to socialization, to feeding
and more...

Dogo Argentino in forrest

Dogo Argentino Breed Characteristics & Traits

Learn about the temperament,
health issues, socialization,
appearance, history, and
all that makes them amazing.

Banned Dogo Argentino

Where Are Dogo
Argentinos Illegal
Or Banned?

They're not welcomed everywhere
for one reason or another.
Find out for sure before you
travel or move with your Dogo.

Aggressive Dogo Argentinos

Are Dogo Argentinos
Or Dangerous?

This breeds background in fighting
should be considered before
bringing one home. Learn more
about their good and bad.

Dogo Argentino and little girl

Are Dogo Argentinos
Good Family Dogs?

We answer all of the concerns
you might have before you
bring one home.

Resting Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos
For Beginners

Here's answers to the Top 16 questions asked most frequently
by newbies to this breed.

French Mastiffs

Cute French mastiff puppy

French Mastiff
Pros And Cons

Learn their Top 8 good and bad traits. Perfect reading for those considering one, and reaffirming for current owners...

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French Mastiff Dog

French Mastiff
Dog Breed Information

Are they good family dogs? What are they like? What's their health issues? Where did they originate from?
Learn this and more...

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