English Mastiffs
Helpful Insight & Info About This Unique Breed


English Mastiff breed information

English Mastiff
Breed Information

Learn everything about this breed
from it's history to it's traits to it's characteristics. There's more
to them that just their size...

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English mastiff with pretty girl

Are English Mastiffs
Good Family Dogs?

We answer the Top 10 questions
families have about this breed
that are wise to learn before
you bring one home...

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English Mastiff on the beach

16 Interesting Facts
About English Mastiffs

How big do they get? Are they
known to drool? What is their
yearly food bill? Learn these things
and 13 other interesting facts...

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English Mastiff ready to play

English Mastiff
Good And Bad

Learn the Top 12 Pros and Cons
about this breed. Current owners
and new owners will learn a thing or twelve about them...

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English Mastiff family

Best Age To Spay, Neuter
Or Breed An English Mastiff

Learn the Pros and Cons of
spaying and neutering the English
Mastiff as well as the best times
to do this and when to breed...

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English Mastiff ready to pounce

English Mastiff
Growth Stages

Just how fast does this pooch
grow? Learn their size and
weight timelines during the first
year as well as other growth info.

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English Mastiff with girl

Is An English Mastiff
Right For Me?

Wondering if this Mastiff is right
for you? We answer all your
questions about this breed
before you bring one home. 

English Mastiff profile picture

How To Care For
An English Mastiff

We cover everything from puppy
to adult. Feeding, socialization,
exercise, grooming, health issues...everything!

Drooling English Mastiffs

English Mastiff Temperament
And Personality Traits

Perfect to know if you're a
new or wannabe owner. This
article shares what to expect
and things to watch out for.

How Much Exercise Does
An English Mastiff Need?

A lot? or a little? Just how much exercise does this breed need?
It might surprise you to find out...

English Mastiff enjoying the sun

Can English Mastiffs Handle
Hot Or Cold Weather?

Just how tolerant are they to hot
or cold? Just because they're
big doesn't mean they can handle either...

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