Tibetan Mastiffs 
Helpful Info & Insight About This Unique Breed


Sleepy Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
Dog Breed Information

Learn everything about this
amazing breed, from it's history
to care and feeding needs.
We discuss their good and bad too.

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Beautiful Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff Traits
And Qualities

This breed has so many distinct
traits and qualities that we've
dedicated a whole page to them!
Perfect info for wannabe owners.

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Tibetan Mastiff and young girl

Are Tibetan Mastiffs
Good Pets?

We answer commonly asked
questions new owners have about
this distinctive breed. Read this  before you bring one home...

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Cute Tibetan Mastiff puppy

20 Interesting Facts About
Tibetan Mastiffs

From interesting historical facts
to facts about this dog you might not know already, we cover 20 of the most interesting ones.

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Dog grooming aids

Tibetan Mastiff
Grooming Guide

This helpful guide covers
everything you need to know
from nose to toes about
grooming this beautiful dog.

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Three Tibetan Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff
Temperament & Characteristics

Are they kid-friendly? Energetic
or lazy? Easy or hard to train?
Are they affectionate or aloof?

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Banned Tibetan Mastiff

Where Are
Tibetan Mastiffs Banned?

Not all countries are Tibetan
Mastiff friendly. This is great information to know if moving
or traveling with  your dog.

Large Tibetan Mastiff

Are Tibetan Mastiffs
Dangerous Or Aggressive?

Can they be? Or are they even
tempered? This information is
great to know if your thinking
of bringing one home.

Stylish Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
Pros And Cons

All breeds have their pros and
cons and these 10 traits highlight
what owners know but wanna
be owners might not.

Tibetan Mastiff with pretty girl

How To Buy Or Adopt
A Tibetan Mastiff

We offer helpful tips when
adopting a rescue as well as information you should know
when buying from a breeder.

Tibetan Mastiff on hillside

Tibetan Mastiff
Care Guide

From nutritional needs to
proper feeding to grooming to socialization to exercise needs
and much more...

Large hairy Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff
Coat Care

There's so much coat on this
dog to care for! We cover all
you need to know to take care
of all this hair! 

Two Tibetan Mastiff puppies

Tibetan Mastiff
Good And Bad

This info is great to know if
you're considering to bring one
home for your family or if you're
a first time owner.

Brown Tibetan Mastiff

What To Know About
Tibetan Mastiffs

We answer the Top 22 questions asked about this breed. Learn
even more about them than
you already knew!

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