Our Ultimate Mastiff Care Guide covers all you need to know by removing the guesswork when it comes to raising a happy, healthy dog.

With 13 chapters and over 90 pages, our downloadable Mastiff Care Guide covers topics that range from Feeding, Socializing, Drool and Shedding Control, Grooming, Health Issues, Potty and Crate Training, Basic Obedience Training and more!

Wondering if you're doing things correctly when it comes to your Mastiffs care? Your pal deserves the best so we wrote this book just for caring owners.

Can you tell whether you’re under
or overfeeding your Mastiff?

Needless to say, being over or under weight can have major health risks
for your Mastiff!

We’ll not only tell you how (Page 14)
to know, we’ll give you entire feeding instructions as well as best food recommendations.

Who wants their Mastiff to be
aggressive or unpredictable?

No one wants to be around a volatile Mastiff especially your family, friends
and yourself. That can be dangerous!

Proper socialization is the key…we
reveal the best techniques (Pages 16-19) which will assure your Mastiff will be calm and predictable.

Mastiffs are notorious droolers!
What a mess!!

You’ll especially understand what
we’re talking about when they shake
their heads. Yeeck! Making matters
worse is the necessary cleanups.

You’ll discover little known techniques
to minimize the drooling from
happening (Pages 27-28) as well as
cleanup tips for when they do.

Mastiffs can easily damage your home while you're out and pee everywhere.

Do you want to come home to find
your house and furniture thrashed?
That’s why breeders and trainers recommend dog crates as a safe place
to keep your Mastiff while away.

We reveal the most up to date techniques (Pages 78-83) for teaching your pooch to
get used to (and to love) their crate. 

Bloat can be a rapid onset life-threatening condition when it happens to breeds like Mastiffs.

Most owners don’t know what Bloat is
…do you? Will you be able to detect its symptoms before it becomes serious?

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating your dog for Bloat, that’s why understanding its cause and symptoms is so important.
See Pages 58-59

Do you like picking up
puppy pee or poo?
...who does??

Having to scrub your carpet or
whatever is a chore especially if your
kids or pooch track it around...Yeech!

That’s why potty training as soon as possible will make life less messful
and stressful. We teach several fun
techniques your pal will learn quickly.  

I purchased this guide and feel it’s a good e-book overall for a beginner. Has great tips and help for a new owner like me. I recommend it!."   Emma

I knew a few things about Mastiff care already but this guide filled in the gaps. It's inexpensive for the wealth of information it contains"    Liam


  • 13 Chapters and 90 pages covering everything you'll need to care for your Mastiff from puppy to adult.
  • Downloadable PDF that can be viewed and read on all devices
  • 100% money back guarantee if you're not happy with this e-book 

An easy to access, thoroughly written resource for everything Mastiff!

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