Mastiff Dog Breed Information
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mastiff dog breed information

Large Mastiff

Are Mastiffs
Good Family Dogs?

Is this the right dog for your family? Learn more before bringing one home...

mastiff staring

Mastiff Temperament
Personality Pros-Cons

Should you own a Mastiff? Or should you not own one? What are their personalities like? 

Big English Mastiff

Why Are
Mastiffs So Big?

Is it in their genes? Was it bred into them? The answer can be just as big as their size.

Lazy Neapolitan Mastiff

6 Mastiff Breed

These 6 Mastiff breed characteristics reveal their good & bad...

Spotted Great Dane looking puzzled

19 Mastiff Breed Types
Our A-Z List

We'll discuss their traits, characteristics plus their size and weights...

Two big Mastiffs drooling

Do Mastiffs
Drool A Lot?

Which ones drool more? or slobber less? Here's the Top 7 Dribblers...

Older black great Dane

Why Do Mastiffs Have
A Short Lifespan?

Why do they live such short lives? Hint: It's size related, but there's more...

Three Mastiff pals

The Best Mastiff
Breed For Families

With 19 Mastiff breeds to choose from which are best suited for families?

Mastiff looking over a fence

9 Mastiff Breed Facts
That Will Amaze You

These 9 cool facts cover everything that's amazing about
this dog... 

Mastiff Puppy
Vaccination Schedule

Learn the Why, When and Which
ones when it comes to vaccinations.

What To Know
About Mastiffs

We answer the Top 44 questions
most asked about this breed.

Why Is My Mastiff So Scared Of Everything?

Learn the causes as well as the
cures for your Mastiffs fears.

Powerful Neapolitan mastiff

Top 10 Powerful
Mastiff Breeds Countdown

With size comes power, so which Mastiff is #1 Most Powerful?...

Two hungry Dogo Argentino Mastiffs

8 Tips
For New Mastiff Owners

8 tips that every new owner should know  and to expect...

Running Mastiff

How Fast Can Mastiffs Run
...Or Can They?

Are they runners or couch potatoes? How fast are they?

Four cute Mastiff puppies

15 Interesting  Mastiff Dog Facts

We reveal 15 interesting history, temperament and characteristic facts...

Dapper looking Mastiff

How To Tell If
Your Dog Is A Mastiff

Is your pal really a  Mastiff? or maybe a mix? Find out for sure...

Curious looking Neapolitan Mastiff

Are Mastiffs Diggers?
Things To Know

By nature are they diggers? Here's why they dig and how to fix it...

Mastiff in a field in autumn

Is A Pug A Mastiff?
What's Their Differences?

Facially they're similar but are they different variants of Mastiffs?

Two French Bulldogs and a Mastiff

Is A Bulldog A Mastiff?
What's Their Differences?

Are they somehow related except in stature? Maybe they're cousins?

Tibetan Mastiff in a field

How Rare Is A Mastiff
Compared To Other Breeds?

Compared to other breeds that you always see why are  they so scarce?

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