Are Mastiffs Good With Babies?

How Do The Top 5 Mastiff Breeds Get Along With Babies?

by Ken Alden

The mastiff is a lovable dog breed known for its tough look and big size. However, with adequate training and proper care, they can actually be gentle giants with big hearts. But are mastiffs good with babies?

Mastiffs are good with babies as long as they are properly tamed and have constant supervision when in the presence of a small child. However, it’s important to remember that while these dogs are known to be sweet and good-natured, their size can be dangerous to babies.

The rest of this article will tell you everything you need to know about mastiffs and their behavior to understand the breed better and keep your dogs and children safe. Read on to learn more about whether or not mastiffs are good with babies.

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are mastiffs baby friendly

Are English Mastiffs Baby Friendly?

The English mastiff is an excellent dog breed, and having one as a companion can be an enriching experience. While these dogs are often regarded as gentle giants, they really are quite large and known for their strength. So, are they baby-friendly?

English mastiffs are baby friendly if they’ve undergone consistent, ethical training. When properly socialized, these loving and loyal dogs make excellent family companions. However, they should always be supervised around small children since they are so big.

It’s important to note that a dog’s behavior reflects their upbringing. If a dog is raised in an environment that makes them feel scared or unsafe, they might act aggressively. As with all dogs, this is very true for English mastiffs.

It’s absolutely crucial that you train your English mastiff as a puppy to be properly socialized so they can understand behavior expectations early on. This will decrease the chance of unsafe interactions with small children.

However, while these are very loving dogs, even a trained English mastiff with the sweetest intentions can still be a potential safety hazard for infants. They might try to play with the child and hurt them somehow.

This is why it’s vital to ensure your dog is interacting with babies under supervision. You should never leave any dog with a small child unattended, especially a dog as large and powerful as an English mastiff.

But with proper training and safety measures, an English mastiff can make a wonderful addition to your family, even with small children.

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Are Cane Corsos Baby Friendly?

Cane Corsos are another great example of a gentle giant dog breed. Famed for their tough exterior, muscular build, and large size, they are also very powerful animals in terms of physical strength. But are they suitable for children?

Cane Corsos are baby friendly dogs that can make fantastic companions. In family settings, a well-trained and socialized Cane Corso will be loyal and affectionate to you and your children. They love the attention and companionship that children bring.

Cane Corsos are regarded as highly protective dogs who will do anything to defend their own. Because of these pack-protecting tendencies, Cane Corsos have actually been known to take extra caution around infants and small children.

However, as previously discussed, it’s crucial to never leave your infant or toddler unattended in the presence of a Cane Corso or any dog that has the potential to hurt your child by accident. 

Again, even dogs with innocent intentions can accidentally harm small children with playful or clumsy behavior. This dog is a truly amazing breed, but it’s a good idea to supervise their interactions with small children just to be extra safe.

Are Bullmastiffs Baby Friendly?

Bullmastiffs are an extremely lovable dog breed with good-natured spirits and laid-back personalities.

Bullmastiffs are baby friendly because of their affectionate, faithful, and relaxed personalities. They are brilliant dogs who can often differentiate between infants and adults and adjust their behavior accordingly.

However, bullmastiffs sometimes forget how big they are, so keep this in mind when your dog interacts with babies or toddlers. Mastiffs, in general, are good with babies, but accidents do happen. Again, supervision is always recommended.

One thing to note is that this is true for all dog breeds. No dog should be left alone with a small child to be safe. Large dogs like bullmastiffs are often misunderstood as aggressive simply because of their size. Keep in mind that a well-trained bullmastiff is not inherently bad and can become an irreplaceable part of the family with the right conditions.

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Are Great Danes Baby Friendly?

As with the other dog breeds mentioned above, Great Danes are exceptionally well-known for their size. In fact, Great Danes are recognized by the American Kennel Club as one of the world’s largest dogs. Can a dog this size be safe for small children?

Great Danes are baby friendly dogs. Even though they are one of the largest known dog breeds in the world, they are incredibly patient and laid-back animals with a lot of love to give, especially for small children.

There’s a reason why Great Danes are often nicknamed nanny dogs. They are especially cautious around infants and toddlers and protect their children to great lengths. However, this doesn’t mean they should be left around small children unsupervised.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Baby Friendly?

The last breed on our list is the Tibetan mastiff, recognized for their thick coats and often intimidating size. These dogs are well-loved breeds that will definitely love you right back, but are they good around infants and toddlers?

Tibetan mastiffs are baby friendly dogs who will make great companions for your children. A Tibetan mastiff will love and protect their human children to heartwarming lengths. However, supervision and socialization training is always recommended.

In fact, despite their strength and size, some Tibetan mastiffs are known for displaying often shocking amounts of patience in the presence of infants and toddlers who like to climb and play.

While they make great playmates for small children, careful supervision is a must if you want to avoid accidents.

Tips To Protect Your Baby From Your Mastiff

If you’ve posed the question, “are mastiffs good with babies?” – mastiffs are very loving dogs with inherently good natures. While they make excellent family pets, there are some safety measures you should take simply because of their size.

Here are some tips to protect your baby from your mastiff:

  • Socialize your mastiff from a young age. Socialization is a key part of training that directly affects how a dog interacts with other animals, including humans. Try to take your dog on frequent walks and park visits to introduce them to as many people and dogs as possible. This will decrease the chances of aggressive behavior.
  • Attend at least one professional training course with your mastiff. No matter your experience level, I recommend this to any dog owner. Training courses are a great way to learn new skills and also introduce your furry friend to other dogs in the class. This will teach them patience, tolerance, and obedience.
  • Take your mastiff on walks every day. While this seems like a given, it’s vital to a dog’s behavior. A cooped-up dog will grow impatient and often act out or display playful bursts of high energy that can be difficult to manage, especially with larger dogs. Getting their energy out is a good way to encourage calm behavioral habits.

Are Mastiffs Good With Babies...Final Thoughts

Mastiffs are affectionate, loyal, and protective dogs who make great companions. If well-trained and socialized adequately, a mastiff will make a rewarding addition to your family.

However, as great as mastiffs can be, it is important to realize the potential harm they can bring to small children simply because of their size. Regular supervision and behavior training can help decrease the chances of an accident harming an infant or toddler.

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand these dogs, so you can decide whether this breed suits you and your family.

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