Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?

Yes! But There's Other Things To Consider...

by Ken Alden

So can a Mastiff live in an apartment? At first thought it might not sound like a bad idea when bringing home your sweet yet undeniably destructive Mastiff puppy or even your full grown pal but these are large dogs so it's understandable to have second thoughts. Especially so when you realize your cute puppy will weigh over 100 pounds not too long from now.

Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?

Yes! Due to their personalities, Mastiffs can be great apartment companions. Yet, you should take into consideration the flat size and the availability of external facilities. A garden or yard can make a difference to whether it is right to bring a huge dog into a condo. Plus...Will the landlord allow it? 

You should always speak to your landlord before bringing in a Mastiff and check the laws in your area regarding large dogs living in apartments. And don’t forget that, even if they can be lazy sometimes, you should be available for daily walks and playtime!

Let’s take a look at what makes a Mastiff a great apartment companion and at the regulations concerning large breeds. Read More Below...

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Can a Mastiff live in an apartment?

Are Mastiffs Good Apartment Dogs?

Yes! While Mastiff puppies can give you something to work on, once they reach adulthood, they become calm, reasonably quiet, and sometimes very idle dogs. Even if their large bodies can make them seem intimidating at first, you will quickly realize that they are blessed with a gentle disposition and loving nature.

If you already own a full grown Mastiff it might take a short while for them to adapt to their new surroundings but as long as they're with you that's all that matters to them. 

The perfect living environment for a Mastiff is a ground floor flat or house with a medium-to-large yard. While they can adjust to a range of different habitats, it is our duty as owners to allow them to live in a comfortable, spacious, and welcoming home.

Here are the reasons why a Mastiff is a great flatmate and the factors you should consider before bringing your new furry best friend into your home.

Why Are Mastiffs Good Apartment Companions?

The lazy and protective nature of Mastiffs has made them some of the best companions for humans for millennia. But how well do they cope with living in a flat? Don’t let their colossal size fool you! They can be much better apartment buddies than most small dog breeds. Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?

These are the factors that make them great apartment mates:

  • Despite their size, Mastiffs have a calm personality that allows them to adapt quickly to any housing option.
  • Mastiffs don’t bark often or continuously, so there are fewer chances of annoying your neighbors!
  • Thanks to their short-to-medium coats, Mastiffs’ shedding is manageable, and they require little grooming. If you have adopted, a Tibetan Mastiff expects a little more shedding. Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?
  • Due to their laid-back nature, Mastiffs do not need intense or prolonged exercise, which can also be detrimental for their health. 
  • Mastiffs are sensitive to hot temperatures and climate. Living in a colder flat offers them a refreshing place to hide during scorching summer days.

  • Mastiffs puppies are some of the easiest breeds to house and potty train.

Pro-tip: Mastiff anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

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Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?

What Should You Aware Of Before Bringing A Mastiff In Your Apartment?

Are you already daydreaming about adopting a Mastiff? Or wondering how your current Mastiff will adapt to apartment living? Hold your thoughts! There are a couple of essential factors you should check out before signing the lease. While most loving owners will do anything they can to provide their Mastiff with a happy and healthy life, it might be challenging to change the parameters of your living environment after the adoption.

Here are a couple of factors that can help you with your choice:

  • Mastiffs do not bark a lot, but when they do, their voice can be loud and deep. Also, don’t underestimate how noisy a snoring Mastiff can be.
  • Mastiffs are prone to bone and joint conditions that can lead to difficulty of movement and pain. To avoid increasing the stress on their bone structure, you should avoid adopting a Mastiff if you need to walk up or down staircases to reach your flat (or there is no lift).
  • Even if they are lazy, it is essential to keep your Mastiff exercised. Stimuli can not only help you avoid health problems such as obesity, but also decrease the chances of destructive behavior. Don’t misjudge the ability of a Mastiff to destroy your living room out of boredom! 
  • While shedding might not be a significant concern with Mastiffs, certainly drooling is! Expect surfaces, couches, and chairs to not be clean for long. This might not matter much to you if it's your furniture, but if it came with the apartment....well.
  • Even if they are a reasonably sedentary breed, Mastiffs don’t do well alone for too long. You will need to consider paying for a dog-sitter if you work long shifts. Also, ideally, your flat would have a garden or lawn to which your dog has direct access. 
  • Despite their temperament and nature, Mastiffs are enormous dogs, which means that you should critically judge the size of your flat and decide whether a 90kg (200 lb.) dog will fit in it. 
  • For how kind and protective they might be, Mastiffs can be powerful and might not be the ideal choice if you live with young children of fragile older people.

Lastly, remember that many personality traits purely come down to the individual dog. While, as a breed, Mastiffs make the perfect apartment dwellers, you might adopt an extremely active or mouthy puppy.

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Better Check With The Landlord First…

Bringing your Mastiff into your apartment can be a great source of joy. However, not all landlords are willing or able to rent a flat to large and giant dog breeds’ owners. A study reports that 78% of owners struggle to find accommodation for them and their pets. Of them, over 8% had to rehome their dogs at once.

Two types of Mastiffs, namely the Bull Mastiff and Cane Corso, are among the list of twelve dog breeds that, statistically speaking, are deemed the most aggressive or difficult to control. These breeds are often banned altogether from flats and apartments.

Yet, restrictions vary from property to property, and you should always check the lease contract to verify whether your Mastiff will be allowed in the condo. Unless you have found a specifically pet-friendly flat, you should be aware of the most common requisites demanded by tenants:

  • The dog should be no heavier than 25 pounds 
  • Puppies under two years of age are not allowed
  • You should have pet insurance to cover dog bites and damages
  • You might need to place a deposit or pay a pet rent
  • You might need to sign a pet agreement.

Such regulations exist to protect other tenants from disruptions and the landlord himself from legal issues. While the argument that smaller dogs have a higher tendency to bite could be supported, large dog breeds can create more damage. 

Checking your rental agreement and speaking to your landlord before adopting your Mastiff puppy is a duty that cannot be overlooked. Over five hundred thousand pets are given up to shelters each year because of the impossibility of finding an adequate living environment for both them and the owner. Whether you have your heart set on adopting a Mastiff yet or not, getting permission from your landlord is essential to guarantee your puppy a happy and safe life.

Can A Mastiff Live In An Apartment?...Final Thoughts

Mastiffs are caring and protective giants who, despite their enormous size, can make the ideal apartment companions. Yet, as owners, we must ensure that our dogs live comfortably. If you are planning on adopting a Mastiff, you should judge the size and facilities of your flat carefully and speak to your landlord in advance to get permission.

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