Mastiff Care Information and Guides
From Puppyhood To Seniorhood

These Mastiff care and information guides cover just about all you'll need to know about caring for your hefty pal from puppy to senior years.

We start off on this page with our general care guides then work our our way to puppy care then to caring for senior Mastiffs.


General Mastiff Care Guides...

Mastiff drooling

Mastiff Drool Control Tips To Reduce It

Can it be stopped? What are it's causes? What if
it's excessive? Here are ways to reduce it as
well as cleaning tips.

Mastiff hair ball

Mastiff Shedding
Here's 5 Control Tips

Shedding is natural for but there are ways to reduce it. These 5 control tips will
help you keep the shedding
to a minimum. 

New Mastiff owner

Mastiff Health Problems & Concerns

Mastiffs are prone to health issues due to size. Here we go over what they are and how some of these issues can be prevented.

Mastiff food

Mastiff Feeding Guidelines From
Puppy To Adult

What types of food should they eat? How much and often should they be fed? What do they need nutrition wise? Learn this and more...

Mastiff dog feeding costs

What Is The Cost Of Feeding A Mastiff?

Mastiffs eat A LOT of food so it's smart to know the costs before bringing one home. Here's what you
can expect it to cost...

Raw food and Mastiff

Raw Food Diet Plan
For Mastiffs

Raw feeding is known as one of the healthiest ways to feed your Mastiff, learn here it's pros and cons
and pick up a few recipes.

Mastiff with girl

Best Pet Insurance
For Mastiffs

Large breeds are prone to expensive health issues.
We review here the
Top 3 carriers for the
best insurance deals.

Mastiff running with girl

Exercise Needs
For Mastiffs

Just how much does a puppy or adult need?
Learn this and some creative ideas for exercise
time with your pal.

Mastiff grooming needs

How To
Groom A Mastiff

We discuss grooming ears, teeth, coat, nails and bathing and more. Essentially everything
from nose to toes.

Mastiff in heat

When Do Mastiffs
Go Into Heat?

This great article lets owners know not only
heat timing but what to
expect and how to
comfort their dogs.

Mastiff getting social with a girl

How To Socialize
A Mastiff

Learn why socialization
is important as well as
some great pointers on "how to" socialize for maximum benefit.

Little boy with a Mastiff

Tips For
Raising A Mastiff

From puppy to senior there's multiple do's and don'ts when raising a
Mastiff that can come in handy thru life...

Flea on Mastiff

Flea & Tick Prevention
And Treatment

Find out just what the best flea and tick prevention and treatment is before it becomes a problem
to your dog.

Cane Corso hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia
In Mastiffs

Because of the Mastiffs large size this health
issue is pretty common.
Learn it's symptoms
and prevention.

Mastiff with bloat

Mastiffs And Bloat
Causes And Symptoms

This digestive issue can be deadly and should be watched for. Learn it's causes and symptoms before it happens.

Sleeping Mastiff

Mastiff Sleeping

Why are they always sleeping? Will this
change with age? Is something wrong with
my dog? To learn why...

Mastiff kissing it's owner

Can A Mastiff Live
In An Apartment?

Such a small place for such a big dog! How do they handle apartment living? Will they be destructive? Will landlords allow them? 

Tibetan Mastiff outside

Can A Mastiff
Live Outside?

How do they tolerate heat and cold? Will outdoor life hurt them in any way?
Best to read this before
bringing one home...


Mastiff Puppy Care Guides...

Cute Mastiff puppy

How To Care For
A Mastiff Puppy

Our Top 8 Tips cover everything from proper socialization, training, feeding, grooming and many things in between...

Bathroom scale

Mastiff Puppy
Weight Guide

Wow! Do they grow quick
in the first year. So much
so that we've laid out what
to expect weight wise and care tips week to week.

Mastiff food

Mastiff Puppy Feeding Guide And Schedule

Do you know how much and how often to feed
your Mastiff puppy?
You'll learn that and
other dietary info...

Food for a Mastiff

How To Feed
A Mastiff Puppy

The 4 helpful guidelines
on this page will give
feeding insights on times, frequencies  and helpful food recommendations.

Great Dane Mastiff and small puppy

When Do Mastiffs Stop Growing?

Will my Mastiff puppy ever stop growing? Learn
what to expect and
when it's growth will
finally slow down and stop.

Female Mastiff in heat

Female Mastiff
Heat Cycle

It will eventually happen, your Mastiffs heat cycle. Here's what to expect,
when it will happen,
and how long it will last.


Senior Mastiff Care...

senior mastiff

Senior Mastiff Care...A Helpful Guide For Senior Living

Senior Mastiffs have special needs mainly because of their size. We'll delve into supplements, beds, dental care and more...

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