3 Top Pet Insurances for Mastiffs Reviewed
Mastiffs Are Prone To Health Issues That Can Be Expensive

by Ken Alden

Your mastiff is part of your family, so you want the very best for them. As mastiffs age, they develop some pretty serious health conditions, which can be expensive. You will most likely need to avail pet insurance.

The top 3 pet insurances for Mastiffs are...

  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Petplan
  • Trupanion

Each insurance covers illnesses, injuries, and breed-specific conditions. These are perfect for Mastiffs, who are known to suffer from many large breed-specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, bone cancer, and bloat, among others. 

Quotes from all 3 companies are 100% free and fast to acquire.

Let’s take a deeper look at the health concerns you could face with your mastiff, and how each of these insurances could help. Read More Below...

Man with his pet Mastiff

Mastiff Common Health Problems

Mastiffs are at risk for a variety of health concerns that are common with the breed. While they have a long list of health concerns, the biggest are listed below.

Bone and Joint Problems

With big dogs, bone and joint problems are very common. Mastiffs are no different. Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are two of the most common health concerns that mastiffs suffer from. Both can lead to arthritis.

It’s difficult to identify if a puppy has hip or elbow dysplasia until they’re older, about two or three years of age. Looking at the medical history of the puppy’s parents won’t do any good either because it doesn’t prove the puppy will be free of the condition.

Tests for bone scans can be very pricey, which is why having good pet insurance is vital for your mastiff. To test and diagnose hip dysplasia in your mastiff could cost you $6,000.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) also known as Bloat

GDV is typically known as bloat. This is when the stomach distends and sometimes twists. This is a very serious and life-threatening condition. It comes on suddenly and is very difficult to catch before it happens.

Bloat can happen seemingly out of nowhere. A dog with bloat can be fine one minute, and in critical condition within half an hour. It’s important to watch out for signs of restlessness, drooling, coughing, and attempts to vomit with nothing coming up.

The stomach's twisting cuts off blood supply to vital organs and could put your dog into shock. Left untreated, it could lead to death. It’s extremely important that if your dog develops bloat that they’re brought to a vet as quickly as possible. 

Let’s take a look at the best insurance plans out there for your mastiff.

Note: Almost all pet insurances don’t cover pre-existing conditions or routine vet visits. Pre-existing conditions are illnesses or injuries that occur before the waiting period of your coverage is over. This is true for emergency cases as well.

Embrace Pet Insurance

The first plan is the Embrace pet insurance plan. This company is all about your pet. They want to make sure your pet’s health is covered almost completely. They value openness and honesty and compassionate customer service.


  • Reimbursed up to 90% of the bill - Some vet bills can be thousands of dollars. Having an insurance plan that reimburses you for almost all of it is a huge pro.
  • Accidents, illnesses, and chronic conditions are all covered - As long as these aren’t pre-existing conditions, they’re all covered without additional fee.
  • Breed-specific conditions are covered - This is especially important for mastiffs and other breeds predisposed to certain conditions, such as cancer or joint issues.
  • Cancer is covered - Testing and treatment for cancer are all covered, without any additional fees. In general, cancer treatment is expensive, so having pet insurance covering 90% of that is great.
  • Several tests and procedures are covered - There is a list on their website of testing and procedures covered by the insurance.
  • Consultation fees included - Usually, exam and consultation fees for your pet can cost $100 or more.  Embrace includes this fee in their plan, so you won’t have to worry about it.


  • Dental insurance - Limited to $1,000 a year.
  • Annual and per-incident deductible - Each plan is customized for you and your pet, so the deductible is going to be different for everyone, but it’s on an annual basis. There’s a per-incident option as well.

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan is on a mission to make pet insurance better and give their customers peace of mind. They’re passionate about animals and customer support.


  • Accidents and illnesses covered - As with Embrace, accidents and illnesses are covered.
  • Get reimbursed up to 90% - Once you submit a claim to Petplan, the bill will be reimbursed by up to 90%. 
  • Cancer covered - Petplan also covers cancer treatment as it is with Embrace.
  • Labs tests and scans are covered


  • Doesn’t mention breed-specific conditions - Petplan’s website doesn’t mention that they cover breed-specific conditions, though they also don’t mention that they aren’t covered. 
  • Annual and per-condition deductibles - Petplan will apply an annual deductible in addition to a per-condition deductible.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion is a company that loves pets. Not just their pets, but yours too. They want the best for your pet and have come up with a pretty great insurance plan to do that.


  • Deductibles last for the pet's lifetime - While most insurances have an annual deductible, Trupanion’s deductible is a one time deductible per condition. It lasts the pet's lifetime, and you don’t get charged a new one until a new condition is diagnosed. Once the deductible is made, 90% of all bills related to that condition will be paid by Trupanion.
  • Trupanion pays 90% of the bill - Once the deductible is paid, Trupanion will pay for 90% of the bills related to that condition.
  • All unexpected illnesses and injuries covered - Unlike some insurances, Trupanion covers all unexpected illnesses and injuries. 


  • Exam fees aren’t included - Something that the other two plans cover is the exam fees. Trupanion is focused on giving pet owners coverage for emergencies and unexpected costs. Exam fees and routine vet visits are things they believe pet owners should be aware of before going to the vet.

Side By Side By Side Comparison


Reimbursed up
to 90% of bill

Accidents, illnesses, and injuries covered

Breed-specific conditions covered

Prescriptions covered

Annual and
per-incident deductibles

14-day waiting period for illness
2-day waiting period for accidents

Exam fees covered


Reimbursed up
to 90% of bill

Accidents, illnesses, and injuries covered

Breed-specific conditions covered

Prescriptions covered

Annual and per-condition deductibles

15-day waiting period for illnesses and injuries
6-month exclusion period for hip dysplasia

Exam fees covered


Covers up
to 90% of bill

Accidents, illnesses, and injuries covered

Breed-specific conditions covered

Prescriptions covered

One-time deductible for each condition diagnosed

30-day waiting period for illness
5-day waiting period for injuries

Exam fees not included

It’s a good idea to review the FAQs of all three plans if you have any questions about the information listed above.

Things to Keep in Mind...

It’s always best practice to shop by comparison of any insurance plans you’re considering. You need to know what will be covered, and what isn’t, plus, you'll be able to compare prices...why pay more than you have to? 

It’s 100% free to get a quotation for the Embrace, Petplan, and Trupanion insurance plans. Not only that, but it’s also typically a fast turn-around for the quote, so you’ll know quickly whether your pet is covered or not.

Most insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, and this can even be considered a condition that a vet hasn’t seen yet. This means the best time to get insurance for your dog is when you first get them as a puppy. 


Your mastiff is your family, and they’re important to you. This means you need the very best insurance available. No one likes surprises, especially expensive pet bills. Hopefully, this review has given you helpful insight into the three best pet insurances for mastiffs.

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