How Fast Can Mastiffs Run…
Or Do They Prefer The Couch?

by Ken Alden

So just how fast can Mastiffs run? Normally this question doesn't come to mind much with owners unless they have large yards when the mailman is approaching or low fences that their Mastiff has been eyeing as a possible escape route that one running jump might conquer.

So is this something to be concerned about? and what exactly is the deal with a mastiff? Are they energetic and hardworking like the Husky or laid back and relaxed like the Basset Hound?

How Fast Can Mastiffs Run?

Due to their great size, they find it difficult to run at all. The Mastiff prefers leisurely walks as opposed to jogging or running. If a Mastiff jogs for an extended period of time, they can overheat easily and have joint damage over time due to all that weight pounding on their joints.

Now, just because the Mastiff doesn’t make a good jogging companion doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exercised. In this article, you will learn why the Mastiff prefers to walk rather than run and how you can make sure that your Mastiff is getting the right amount of exercise for his health. Read More Below...

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how fast can mastiffs run?

Can Mastiffs Run?

When it comes to how fast Mastiffs can run, it’s not about how fast they can run. Although, the answer to that question is simple: The Mastiff breed can’t run very fast due to their excessive size. Think about it: a Mastiff can range anywhere from 130 to 220 pounds. That’s a whole lot of doggy and trying to take all of that weight to a fast pace is almost impossible.

The great size of the Mastiff breed makes it difficult for them to jog or run. So, if you are thinking about introducing a wild, playful dog to run around with the kids from sunrise to sundown, then you might want to consider checking into another breed. The Mastiff’s temperament is laid back and relaxed, and he would much prefer to lay down or cuddle. 

Running Can Affect the Mastiff’s Health

Even if you are successful in getting your laidback, cozy Mastiff to go for a run, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. There are two things that can end up happening if you take your dog out for a run if tempted to see how fast Mastiffs can run:

  • The Mastiff can easily overheat due to their excessive size.
  • Over time, a Mastiff who exercises too hard and too regularly can end up with joint damage from the stress and heavy weight

Does that mean that you shouldn’t exercise your Mastiff at all? Of course, not! There are many different ways you can make sure that your Mastiff is getting the proper exercise he needs for his specific breed.

Pro-tip: Mastiff anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

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Exercises to Do with Your Mastiff

Your Mastiff can’t run fast, and there’s no way around that. There’s no way to ‘train’ a Mastiff to become a great runner, however, exercise is still an important health need for every dog. You just need to be a bit more careful when exercising your Mastiff. 

Here are four great exercises to do with your Mastiff:

1. Take him for a short walk. Just like any other dog, the Mastiff loves to go exploring while on a walk. Just make sure to limit the walk to around 20 or 30 minutes. This is more than enough time for the enormous dog to get the exercise and fun he needs to keep him healthy and satisfied.

2. Play fetch for a little while. Again, the Mastiff is like any other dog and loves a good game of fetch. That being said, make sure you’re having a round of fetch here and there, and not a marathon.

3. Enjoy a leisurely hike. There is nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors with your dog. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and scenery, and he will enjoy exploring the ins and outs of the area around him. Just make sure you’re not doing a hike that is too strenuous because your Mastiff may end up overheating along the way. Needless to say bring plenty of water!

4. Go to the dog park. Giving your Mastiff an area where he can simply be the dog he is will always be a wonderful idea. Going to the dog park will give your Mastiff the chance to relax under the shade, walk around the area, and socialize with other dogs.

Helpful Links:

Here's a few more activities you can do with your Mastiff on this page on our site...

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Here are more great tips and tricks to keep in mind...

  • Do not over-exercise your puppy. Just because your Mastiff puppy is already at a big size doesn’t mean he is fully grown. It’s certainly okay to take him for a short walk and play fetch but be extra careful. At this point, the bones or joints have not yet fully developed and too much exercise can hinder development. It certainly isn't the time to test how fast can mastiffs run if you're tempted.

  • Train with a leash at a young age. Trying to handle a large dog on a leash can be a challenge if they are not used to it. Make sure you train your Mastiff to be on a leash while he’s young; otherwise; you might need to take him to obedience training so you can lead him instead of him leading you.

  • Stay out of the heat. It’s common knowledge that breeds that have shorter muzzles struggle in hot weather. They may find themselves overheating more often or having a difficult time breathing altogether. That being said, if the temperatures hit over 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it might be best to skip the walk and do something indoors.

  • Provide a digging spot. The Mastiff used to be a working dog and they still love to put in work! A favorite activity for this breed is digging, but if you don’t want your backyard torn to shreds, then you can give your Mastiff an area specifically to dig in. This keeps him happy while also allowing for a bit of exercise. 
  • Watch out for hip dysplasia. The Mastiff breed is known for suffering from hip dysplasia. This can become more apparent in a Mastiff that is exercised too regularly or too hard, such as running or jogging for an extended period of time. Lower your dog’s risk of hip dysplasia by sticking to calmer activities.

  • Give your Mastiff plenty of water. Knowing that your Mastiff can easily overheat, one thing you should always do is make sure that your dog has plenty of water. This is especially true before and after walks or playtime. how fast can mastiffs run

With health concerns in the forefront, the Mastiff’s overall exercise time should be minimal. This is good news for pet owners who want a calm, relaxed dog that prefers to snuggle all day than to be kept busy. And by the way, snuggling is another favorite activity for the Mastiff! 

So how fast can Mastiffs run? 

Their highest speed is attained looking for a comfortable place to nap! :-)

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