Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned
And Why Are They Legal Or Illegal
In Certain Countries Or States?

by Ken Alden

Where are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal and why? It depends what country or state you live in as well as how they view the breed...

Tibetan Mastiffs are territorial and protective dogs, meaning that they will guard and protect your territory and family. While most Tibetan Mastiffs can be loving and gentle with people they know, they may distrust new people and be dangerous. Many places around the world have banned Tibetan Mastiffs.

Tibetan Mastiffs are banned or restricted in Malaysia, the Maldives, the Bermuda Islands, parts of the United States, Australia, and France. However, you should know that these countries can impose or lift bans at any time. 

Hence, check for the most recent information. Read on below to find out where Tibetan Mastiffs are banned, legal, or restricted and why. Read More Below...

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Tibetan Mastiffs are banned in several countries

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned Or Legal?

And why do some countries ban them while others don't?

Tibetan Mastiffs are 26 inches (66 centimeters) tall. They are protective of their family and the children in the family. Unfortunately, they might unintentionally hurt the smaller ones because of their huge size. Also, while Tibetan Mastiffs seem reserved around unknown people, they can become highly aggressive and combative if they feel any danger.

Here's a great article we wrote that delves deeper into just how aggressive or dangerous the Tibetan Mastiff can get. This article may surprise you.

Several countries throughout the world have banned the import of aggressive or dangerous breeds of dogs. This ban is in place to protect people from accidental dog attacks.

Here are some of the best places to find where Tibetan Mastiffs are or are not banned:

Tibetan Mastiff Banned Countries and Cities

Here are the countries and cities that have banned or restricted Tibetan Mastiffs:

  • Malaysia - The Tibetan Mastiff breed is banned from importation into Malaysia owing to their aggressive behavior and unpredictable temperament. Apart from the Tibetian Mastiff, the Canary Mastiff, Brazilian Mastiff, Argentine Mastiff, and Japanese Mastiff are also banned in Malaysia.

  • Maldives - The Maldives has banned the Tibetan Mastiff and gigantic shepherd dogs. Traveling with a dog is prohibited in the Maldives. What's more, visitors cannot enter the foreign breeds of dogs in the country's territorial waters.

  • Bermuda - Bermuda people cannot import, breed, or own breeds of Tibetan Mastiffs, the English Mastiff, the Bullmastiff, Argentine Mastiff, and the Italian Mastiff. The offspring of these dogs with other breeds are also not allowed.
  • Shanghai - Shanghai, a city in China, banned more than 20 dog breeds in 2011, including Tibetan Mastiff. The law stated that any of these dangerous dogs kept by people would be taken away. Shanghai and Beijing have prohibited people from owning dogs with a height of 13 inches (35 centimeters) or above.

  • Hangzhou - Hangzhou, another city in China, has banned many big dog breeds, such as Dogo Argentino, German Shepherds, Fila Brasileiro, and Tibetan Mastiffs. Additionally, Hangzhou has prohibited dog owners to walk their pets during the day. According to the new rules, dogs in the city are banned from public spaces. A 1,000 yuan ($148) fine is imposed on dog owners who walk their pets without the leash.

  • France - Mastiff type dogs, including the fighting dog breeds and Tibetan Mastiffs, have been legislated in France since 1999. According to French regulations, the dogs should wear a muzzle, collar, and hard leash and should be tied up and not left to roam. 

  • Germany - Chinese and Roman fighting dogs are banned or restricted in Germany. The country has also banned other dogs, such as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and English Bull Terrier. 

Pro-tip: Tibetan Mastiff anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

Here’s a great course that addresses these issues along with many other dog training basics: Check it out now!

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned Or Legal in Australia?

Australia is a pet-friendly nation, and about 62% of households in the country have pets. Dogs are allowed in public areas, such as restaurants, beaches, and parks. Tibetan Mastiffs are legal in the country; however, it has banned certain dog breeds to protect the public. 

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned Or Legal In Canada?

Canada does not have a blanket ban on any aggressive dog breeds. However, some Canadian provinces prohibit certain dog breeds that they deem to be dangerous. Fortunately, Tibetan Mastiffs are not banned in Canada.

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned Or Legal In The UK?

Tibetan Mastiffs are legal in the UK. According to a Daily Mail report, there are 300 Tibetan Mastiffs in the country. They can have one litter per year. If you want to buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy in the country, you will have to spend between £850 ($1,088) and £1,000 ($1,280).

Where Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned Or Legal In The United States?

Several cities in the United States have banned Tibetan Mastiffs because of their huge size. Wapato, a city in Washington, has banned all kinds of mastiffs. Some of these include the:

  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Pyrenean Mastiff
  • Spanish Mastiff
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Bullmastiff
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • American Mastiff
  • Old English Mastiff
  • English Mastiff 

Apart from Wapato, Wisconsin and Abbotsford have also banned all kinds of mastiffs. However, there is no concrete evidence that bigger dogs are more aggressive or dangerous than smaller ones. 

Apart from the few locations listed above, these Mastiffs are allowed and welcomed elsewhere in the United States.

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Tibetan Mastiffs are powerful, athletic, and big dogs. They are also used as guard dogs for property and livestock and as family companions. 

Tibetan Mastiffs are loyal, independent, and intelligent. They are gentle with their family. However, Tibetan Mastiffs will not allow unknown people into your house. They can be dangerous to things smaller than themselves.

Many countries as well as cities have banned Tibetan Mastiffs on the grounds of public safety. It is worth knowing that these dogs are strong-willed breeds, and training and proper socialization with other animals and people are essential for them and owners to live a happy life together. 

Here are a few other things you should know about these dogs:

  • Tibetan Mastiffs learn things fast. They are very stubborn and strong-willed. 

  • It is important to know that Tibetan Mastiffs will not always look to their pet parents for guidance. They are an independent guardian dog. While they will enjoy their owners' company and bond with them, they won't always obey them. 

  • Tibetan Mastiffs are good family members. These dogs do extremely well when raised with kids or exposed to them often. However, if you argue with your partner or shout at kids, Tibetan Mastiffs will become upset.

  • Tibetan Mastiffs are more active in the early morning and evening. However, they are inactive while inside the house and moderately active while outside the house.

  • Tibetan Mastiffs are quiet during the day. However, they bark at night, so you should not leave them outdoors at night.

  • Without mental and physical stimulation, these dogs can become bored. This can cause negative behaviors, such as barking and destructiveness. They love digging and chewing. Tibetan Mastiffs are large dogs with big teeth. And they use those large teeth to keep themselves engaged when they get bored.

  • These dogs require early socialization that should continue throughout their lives. Without socialization, they can be inappropriately aggressive toward people and other animals they are not familiar with. 

  • First-time owners should not own Tibetan Mastiffs. These dogs require a firm, consistent, loving, and confident trainer.

  • Tibetan Mastiffs should be kept in a fenced yard. They are capable of climbing fences to get away. Owners should not leave Tibetan Mastiffs outside for a long time because they may begin digging and become aggressive.

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