Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good
With Kids Or Babies?

Can They Be Trusted Around Your Kids?

by Ken Alden

Tibetan Mastiff is an impressive breed. Their large size and intimidating aura sometimes raise questions about their aggression and temperament. The most frequently asked question is, are Tibetan mastiffs good with kids or babies?

Tibetan mastiffs can be good with kids, but it is better not to leave your babies and toddlers unsupervised with them. They can be a very loyal breed if you train them properly. You must also tell your kids to respect the dog as they can be territorial and aggressive.

Tibetan Mastiffs are friendly and make a good family dog if you make them socialize early. Their size and temperament make them excellent guard dogs, which is what they are famous for. This article explains if Tibetan Mastiffs are good to keep as a family dog and how they are with kids. 

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Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good With Babies?

Tibetan Mastiffs are massive dogs who aren't very physically affectionate. So this can make them look a bit aloof. But the question is, are Tibetan Mastiffs good with kids? The answer isn't a straightforward one. 

Tibetan mastiffs are good with babies if you socialize them with kids and train them well. They can become excellent family dogs, but you still shouldn’t leave your babies around your mastiffs without supervision, as they are sensitive and can perceive regular behavior as aggression.

According to the American Kennel Club, you must supervise when your kids are around your Tibetan mastiffs, as the dogs are too big for toddlers and babies. Plus, they can take yelling, screaming, and even crying as signs of aggression. It can make the dog retaliate or become unfriendly toward babies.

Another issue with Tibetan Mastiffs is that they may not warm up to children in your neighborhood. So, your friends with babies and toddlers may not feel comfortable around your dog especially if the don’t know the answer to the question -  are Tibetan mastiffs good with kids?

Despite their temperament, Tibet Mastiffs are playful dogs that know how to have fun. They can be great friends to your babies under your supervision. 

Here are some reasons you should supervise playtime between your babies and toddlers and Tibetan Mastiffs. 

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Tibetan Mastiffs Aren't Too Social

There is a reason why Tibetan Mastiffs are popular guard dogs. They know how to protect what they consider theirs. The dogs can get territorial and aggressive to protect their family and owner. 

You can't walk them without a leash because they may not take warmly to any stranger walking toward you. They also don't mix up well with other pets and children other than the ones in their family. Their lack of socialization may make it difficult for you to have your friends and their kids around the house. 

You may be able to solve this problem by exposing your TM to other pets and kids when they are pups. Otherwise, you may have trouble socializing with your Tibetan Mastiff. 

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It's very important to properly socialize your Tibetan Mastiff when they're young. Here's some great socialization tips.

They Are Huge

The size of Tibetan Mastiffs is an obvious problem. They can grow as big as 76 cm (30 inches) and weigh 170 pounds (77 kg). Their size makes them unsuitable for small apartments or being left alone with babies.

 Any incident or accident with toddlers or babies can have serious consequences. Even though the dog that has been around your baby is unlikely to hurt them intentionally, a playful push or jump can cause an injury.

So, you must always supervise your TM and baby's playtime together. 

They Don't Really Play Catch

Kids like energetic dogs that like activities such as playing catch. Tibetan Mastiffs are not big on structured play. They don't mind patrolling their territory, but they won't really play catch or fetch if your toddler wants them to. 

Due to their thick fur, Tibetan Mastiffs don't like to exercise too much during summer. So, you can't exactly take them out to parks and picnics with your kids. TMs want to exert energy only if needed, which isn't something toddlers may enjoy.

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They May Get Aggressive

When considering are Tibetan Mastiffs good with kids or babies, these dogs are generally friendly with their owner's kids and fiercely protective of their families. 

But kids and babies like to scream and yell while playing. So, sometimes Tibetan Mastiffs mistake loud noises or actions such as throwing things or hitting the dogs aggressively. It becomes problematic if your dog is new or hasn't been around kids too much. 

Training your TM is important but teaching your kids how to behave around the dog is equally important. They must be respectful of the dog's space and size and shouldn't play games that hurt them physically. 

Teach them not to tug at the dog's eat or put their tail. The kids mustn't play with the dog's food or snatch their toys away from them. Also, because of their size, young kids might be tempted to treat them as ponies by hoping on their backs.

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Although they might get aggressive...can they get dangerous? Read up on this topic before bringing one home.

Tibetan Mastiffs Are Loud at Night

A loud dog can be a problem for a household with kids. Tibetan Mastiffs are naturally protective, so they bark at every sound or thing they perceive as intrusive. 

The barking can become a problem at night when the dogs are likely to be the loudest. Plus, they also snore pretty loudly when they sleep. So, with a Tibetan Mastiff, you may find it difficult to adjust your baby's nap times.

How To Know When Your Tibetan Mastiff Is Getting Aggressive or Jealous

Since Tibetan Mastiffs are guard dogs and protective by nature, they can get aggressive and jealous while defending their "territory." So, it is important to know your pet TM's signs of aggression, jealousy, and stress.

Here are several reasons why your dog may get aggressive or stressed:

  • When you try to force-train your Tibetan Mastiff.
  • When they come across strangers without any prior exposure to them.
  • When your female Tibetan Mastiff senses any danger to her puppies.
  • Your dog can get aggressive if it is in pain.
  • Fear can also lead to aggression.

Signs of anxiety and aggression you should look for:

  • When your dog starts yawning for no reason.
  • Excessive scratching.
  • When the dog moves its ears forward while keeping its mouth closed.
  • Your dog’s tail is high, and it’s wagging it slowly.
  • Forceful eye contact with someone. 
  • When the dog shows its teeth, its body becomes tense. 
  • When your dog tucks its tail, it can indicate anxiety. 

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good With Kids Or Babies?

Tibetan Mastiffs are dignified dogs that like to exert energy only when needed. They are protective by nature and may become territorial, so it is important to expose them to children and strangers early, so they don't become aggressive around them. 

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