Are Dogo Argentino Dogs
Aggressive or Dangerous?

by Ken Alden

When choosing a dog you need to choose one that’s right for you and your lifestyle which means taking into consideration its temperament. If considering a Dogo Argentino there’s things to be aware of.

Are Dogo Argentino Dogs Aggressive Or Dangerous?

As a general rule Dogo Argentino dogs are some of the most aggressive dogs in the world, but they’re not usually dangerous to people. However, they were bred to be fighting dogs, and they can be dangerous if they aren’t trained properly.

If you want a Dogo Argentino, you have a lot to consider. You should think about your history with your dogs and your family. Keep reading to learn if a Dogo Argentino is right for you. Read More Below...

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Are Dogo Argentino dogs aggressive or dangerous?

Dogo Argentino Overview

Dogo Argentinos can be good pets, but you have to consider their breeding and purpose. The breed came from a mix of the Old Fighting Dog of Cordoba and other breeds, such as Mastiffs and Bull Terriers.

This dog is a fighting dog, and it can guard its territory and also help with hunting. They can hunt for big names, like pumas and wild boars.

The dog’s muscles make it very strong, and that makes the breed a great working dog. However, they can be a good family companion, but you’ll need to be careful. Dogo Argentinos can be good with humans, but they may take some extra training.

Dogo Argentino Temperament

When asking are Dogo Argentino dogs aggressive or dangerous, Dogo's are cheerful and friendly, and they can also be humble. From that, it seems that you shouldn’t have a problem owning one. However, not all Dogo Argentinos are as sweet as the description makes them seem.

If a Dogo Argentino doesn’t receive much or any training, they can be aggressive. They’re fighting and hunting dogs, and they’re very strong. The dog can be dangerous toward other animals, though they can live with other dogs.

Dogo Argentinos can also be aggressive toward humans, but that’s not common. Still, some dogs have harmed their owners, so you may not want to take that risk. To get your Dogo Argentino to be on the sweeter side, you’ll need to do a lot of work and training. 

Breed Ban

The aggressive and dangerous tendencies of the Dogo Argentino are more than a risk. Some countries have banned the breed, so you can’t take your dog if you decide to move to one of these countries: 

  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Other countries have also banned this breed. While that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a Dogo Argentino, it may make you think twice. The dog can be friendly, but it can also be scary.

If you have young children or other small pets, you may not want a Dogo Argentino. But if you don’t have kids or pets, you may be able to own the breed. Consider how much work you’re able to put into your dog and if it’s worth getting a potentially aggressive breed.

Pro-tip: Dogo Argentino anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

Here’s a great course that addresses these issues along with many other dog training basics: Check it out now!

Training A Dogo Argentino To Be More Friendly

If you decide to get a Dogo Argentino, you need to train your dog. Of course, you’ll need to train your dog to do its business outside, and you’ll have to get them into a routine with eating. However, the training doesn’t stop there.

You’ll need to train your dog not to be aggressive toward you, your family, or others. This training can be lifelong. That way, you can make sure your dog doesn’t develop aggressiveness later on.

Here’s what you can do to train your Dogo Argentino so that your dog is more friendly and cheerful than aggressive and dangerous.

Start Young

The younger you start training your Dogo Argentino, the better. If you can get the dog as a puppy, you will have full control over their training. You won’t have to worry about where the dog lived before and if they had training as a puppy.

When you train your dog, give them exposure training. Show them to kids, other adults, and other animals. If they can interact with someone without acting up, give your dog a reward, like a treat.

Use firm commands to stop them from acting out if they do start to get aggressive. Distract them from the person or animal until they calm down. Then, you can reward them with a treat. 

While you can start training your Dogo Argentino later, it can be hard. If they’ve had negative experiences with people or animals, you will have to undo that association. That means more training and work for you and your dog.

Test Their Hearing

If you notice that your Dogo Argentino doesn’t respond to their name or other auditory signals, they may be deaf. While numbers aren’t exact, about one in four Dogo Argentinos is totally deaf. Another 20 percent or so may have hearing loss in one ear.

Even if your dog does respond to calls, you may want to test their hearing. Deafness isn’t uncommon, and it’s not a problem itself. However, if your dog can’t hear, it will be easier for you to startle them.

When you startle your dog, they may get aggressive, and that can cause problems. You’ll need to approach your dog carefully so that you don’t scare them. You may also need more extensive training so that they don’t get aggressive when anyone walks near them.

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Give Them Exercise

Along with exposure training, you should give your dog plenty of exercise. They’re not a great breed for people in apartments or who don’t have large yards. You can take your dog to a dog park, but they’ll need time each day to let out their energy.

Take your Dogo Argentino on regular walks both for exercise and training. Whenever you pass someone else on a walk, make sure your dog doesn’t get aggressive. You can then reward your dog with a treat or affection.

You can also give your dog more time to exercise by putting them through obedience or agility training. Obedience training can help you control your dog, which can keep them from getting too aggressive. Agility training will help your dog get the physical activity they need. 

How to Keep Everyone Safe if You Decided to Get a Dogo Argentino

If you decide to get a Dogo Argentino, you need to consider more than training. You also need to keep your and your family’s safety in mind. While Dogo Argentinos can make great family pets, you should prepare for the worst.

Here are a couple of essential things to keep everyone safe:

Avoid Adult Dogo Argentinos

If you want the best chance of getting a friendly Dogo Argentino, look for a puppy or adolescent. Some adults may be fine, but you won’t know their training history. Before you get an adult Dogo Argentino, ask about where they lived before and if they’ve had exposure to kids or other pets.

Consider your home life, and don’t be afraid not to get an adult that doesn’t have much training. By getting a puppy, you can train the dog how you choose. You can make sure the dog is exposed to your life early on, which can help everyone feel safe.

Always Supervise

Even if you get a puppy, always supervise the dog when around your family or other pets. That way, you can intervene if the Dogo Argentino starts to get aggressive.

It’s especially important to supervise your dog with small pets or young children. But you may also want to supervise the dog around teenagers and other adults. Don’t spend time alone with the dog until you’re confident they will be calm.

Are Dogo Argentino Dogs Aggressive Or Dangerous?...Conclusion

Dogo Argentinos aren’t the most common breed, but they can be a good family pet. However, they can also be aggressive and dangerous if they don’t have the right training. Keep that in mind before you bring one home to your family.

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