Where Are Dogo Argentinos
Illegal or Banned?
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by Ken Alden

Dogo Argentinos are powerful dogs that were bred to be fighters. Because of their strength and potential aggressiveness, many countries have banned them from living within their borders. 

Where Are Dogo Argentinos Illegal Or Banned?

Dogo Argentinos are illegal or banned in several countries around the world, including the Cayman Islands, Norway, Fiji, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Singapore, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. There are also restrictions on owning them in certain areas of the United States. 

This article will explain why Dogo Argentinos are banned in several countries, where they are banned, and the specific regulations each country has on this breed. Read More Below...

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Where are Dogo Argentinos illegal or banned?

Why Are Dogo Argentinos Illegal or Banned?

Dogo Argentinos are powerful dogs with muscular bodies. They were originally bred to be fighting dogs by an Argentinian doctor named Nores Martinez in 1928. Dr. Martinez soon realized that Dogo Argentinos were not only amazing fighters but also incredible hunters. These dogs were able to hunt large game in South America, such as wild boars and pumas! The breed soon became famous for their incredible hunting skills. 

Today many people fear Dogo Argentinos because of their strength and tendency towards aggression. While Dogo Argentinos can be incredibly well mannered if they receive the proper obedience and socialization training as puppies, they can also be dangerous if they do not have experienced owners. Dogo Argentinos are naturally wary of strangers, so they may lash out at other people or dogs they are unfamiliar with. 

Many countries around the world have banned this breed because of their ability to harm others. Also, Dogo Argentinos fall under the classification of a “fighting breed.” Many countries restrict dogs that were originally bred for fighting from entering their borders because of their innate aggressiveness. 

Many Dogo Argentinos do not fit this description and are very friendly, intelligent, and cheerful. But, sadly, their potential to harm has landed them on the banned list. 

Here's a helpful article we wrote on this website that delves deeper into just how aggressive or dangerous the Dogo can get. This article may surprise you.

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Where Is the Dogo Argentino Banned?

The Dogo Argentino is illegal, banned, or restricted in numerous countries. New restrictions and bans are added regularly, so the list below may not encompass all areas with current restrictions on Dogo Argentinos. 

For an up to date resource about dog restrictions in countries all over the world, check out the website PetTravel. This site tells pet owners about travel restrictions, pet-friendly hotels, whether or not owners will need a pet passport, and which dog breeds are banned in each country. 

While this is a great resource, Dogo Argentino owners should always look into each country's laws themselves to make sure they have the most up to date information on breed-specific bans and restrictions.

Are Dogo Argentino Illegal in the US?

No, Dogo Argentinos are not illegal in the US. However, they are banned in certain areas because of their potentially dangerous temperaments and their ability to harm others. Pet owners should always check their state, city, and county laws to determine if there are any bans or restrictions on dog breeds in their area.

What States Are Dogo Argentino Banned?

Currently, entire states in the U.S. do not have bans on this breed. However, a few cities and counties within New York, Colorado, and Michigan have restrictions on Dogo Argentinos. 

Aurora, Colorado

In Aurora, it is illegal for anyone to own, sell, maintain, exercise control over, or transport Dogo Argentinos, Pitbulls, or any other restricted breed within Aurora. These restricted breeds are American Bulldogs, Canary Dog, Presa Mallorquin, Tosa Inu, Cane Corso, and Fila Brasileiro. They also don’t allow residents to own dogs that share physical characteristics within any of the breeds listed above. 

New York City, New York

The New York City Housing Association (NYCHA) has banned residents from having dogs that weigh over 25 lbs (11.3 kg) inside the apartments. If the dog weighs over this limit, they are not allowed to keep it. 

Additionally, they banned residents from housing certain breeds no matter their weights, including Doberman Pinscher, Pitbull, Rottweilers, and any fighting breeds, such as Dogo Argentinos. All of these breeds are not allowed inside NYCHA housing or anywhere on their premises. where are dogo argentinos illegal or banned
These pet policies were still in place as of 2018.

Livingston County, Michigan

On May 20, 2008, there was a restriction on Dogo Argentinos and bully breed dogs in Livingston County. The mandate states that if their local animal control finds one of these dogs, it will be euthanized if its owner didn’t claim it on time. This applies to all breeds the county deems to be aggressive.

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In What Countries Are Dogo Argentinos Banned?

The Dogo Argentino is banned or illegal in several countries, including: 

  • The Cayman Islands banned Dogo Argentinos, and a long list of other dog breeds from inhabiting their islands. This ban was still in place as of 2014. 

  • Norway’s restrictions are pretty strict. Like most of the other countries on this list, they have a full ban on Dogo Argentinos and four other dog breeds. Citizens are not allowed to own, import, or care for any of these breeds. Norway goes even further, saying that it is illegal to have any aggressive dog breeds trained to defend or attack others to protect themselves or their owners.
  • Fiji bans Dogo Argentinos, among other breeds, from entering their country. This rule also applies to emotional support animals and service dogs. 

  • In Denmark, residents are not allowed to own Dogo Argentinos or sell them. Even tourists visiting Denmark on vacation cannot bring their pets into the country if they are Dogo Argentinos or another restricted breed. This legislation was last reviewed in 2013, during which time no changes were made. 

  • Iceland does not allow Dogo Argentinos into their country. They also prohibit dogs with aggressive tendencies from entering Iceland. They may perform a temperament evaluation of dogs who show signs of aggression to determine if they are able to enter the country. 

  • New Zealand banned Dogo Argentinos under the Dog Control Amendment Act in 2003.  

  • Australia has a ban on dog breeds that were bred for fighting, including the Dogo Argentino. It is illegal under Australian law to import Dogo Argentinos into the country. 

  • Turkey does not permit Dogo Argentinos or any mixes of this breed into their country. 

  • Singapore also bans Dogo Argentinos from entering their country. Even mixed breeds aren’t allowed to enter. However, if any Dogos or other restricted breeds already live in Singapore, they are allowed to stay, but they have to be spayed or neutered when they are six months old. They also have to go to obedience training and wear a muzzle and leash when they are in public. 

  • Ukraine does not enforce bans or restrictions on dog breeds at a country level. They allow different cities and areas within the country to decide on their own breed-specific laws. However, Dogo Argentinos are on the Ukrainian Kennel Clubs "dangerous dogs list," so some regions within the country have regulations on this breed. 

  • In the United Kingdom, it is illegal for most people to own a Dogo Argentino under the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991. If someone wants to own this breed, they have to get authority from the government to do so.

Where Are Dogo Argentinos Illegal Or Banned?...Conclusion

Dogo Argentinos are powerful dogs that were originally bred to be fighters. They are strong enough to take out large game, such as boars and pumas. 

Because of their incredible strength and tendency towards aggression, countries around the world have banned them, made them illegal, or placed restrictions on owning this breed. 

While Dogo Argentinos can be amazing dogs when properly trained, many countries do not want to take the risk. 

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