Dogo Argentino
Breed Characteristics And Traits

by Ken Alden

Dogo Argentinos are an amazing dog breed. Their agility, strength, and bravery set them apart from other dogs. While this breed is not for beginners, when they are properly trained, they make wonderful companions!

Dogo Argentino Breed Characteristics And Traits

  • They are large, muscular and have powerful jaws
  • They are heavyweights weighing in between 88-100 pounds
  • Temperament wise they are stubborn, not easily trained yet amazingly brave
  • They've high energy levels that must be exercised out 
  • They are intelligent and strong willed which can be a challenge for owners

This article will delve into Dogo Argentino origins, their appearance, and their temperament. Then we will go over their exercise, training, grooming, and nutritional requirements. Read More Below...

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Dogo Argentino breed characteristics and traits

Dogo Argentino Breed Origin

Dogo Argentinos were first bred in Argentina by Doctor Antonio Martinez in the 1920’s. Doctor Martinez wanted to create a breed that was ideal for fighting. To do this, he bred several purebred breeds with fighting dogs from Cordoba, who were known for their strength and attentiveness. 

Doctor Martinez loved to hunt, so he decided to take his Dogo Argentinos along. He soon discovered that they were amazing hunters who could bring down some of the fiercest games, such as pumas, mountain lions, and wild boar. Today they are still incredible hunters known for their amazing ability to track prey. 

Although the breed has been around for a long time, it was not recognized by the American Kennel Association (AKC) as a breed until 2020.

What Does A Dogo Argentino Look Like?

Physical Characteristics

Dogo Argentinos are large muscular dogs with thick yet elegant necks and well-formed shoulders. Their front and back legs are muscular, both not overstated. 

They have strong heads with triangular ears that typically stand upright. Their noses are black with large nostrils that allow them to breathe deeply. Their eyes are almond-shaped and are either brown or hazel. This breed has large, powerful mouths that allow them to capture prey. 

Size and Weight

Dogo Argentinos are large breed dogs. On average, males weigh 88-100 lbs (39.9- 45.4 kg) and are 24-26.5 inches (61.0-67.3 cm) tall. Females are also large. They weigh 88-95 lbs (39.9-43.1 kg) and are between 24-25.5 inches (61.0-64.8 cm) tall.

Coat and Color

This breed has a short, fully white coat. Their hair is straight and is smooth to the touch. According to the breed standard, the only markings allowed on Dogo's are one dark spot on their heads, next to one of their ears, or around one of their eyes. In dog shows, fully white dogs are preferred over dogs with patches.

Pro-tip: Dogo Argentino anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

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Temperament Of A Dogo Argentino

When it comes to Dogo Argentino breed characteristics and traits, Dogos are powerful, agile dogs with marked intelligence. However, this breed is very stubborn, so they are not always easy to train. They need strong leaders to guide them, or else they may become uncontrollable. 

They are incredibly courageous and will protect the ones they love. Well-trained Dogo Argentinos make amazing watchdogs. They are also frequently used by the military and police because of their bravery. 

These dogs are also amazing hunters with a great sense of smell. They make wonderful companions on hunting trips because of their incredible agility and unwillingness to give up.

How Much Exercise Does A Dogo Argentino Need?

Dogo Argentinos are incredibly active. They were bred to be hunters, so they need a lot of running around time to keep their energy levels at bay. 

The American Kennel Club recommends taking them for frequent walks or allowing them to play regularly in a fenced-in backyard to help burn some of their energy. This breed also enjoys outdoor activities, such as fetch, hiking, swimming, and agility training exercises. 

If pet owners are considering getting Dogo Argentinos, they need to make sure they have enough time to provide them with the exercise they need. If they don’t they can become incredibly destructive.

Training Requirements For Dogo Argentinos

This breed was originally bred to be fighters and hunters, so they have a natural tendency to be aggressive. However, Dogos can make wonderful pets who are friendly and well-mannered around others with proper training and leadership.


This dog is innately protective and wary of strangers, so socialization training is incredibly important. These dogs are not socialized as puppies; they may harm other animals and people as adults. 

Even properly socialized Dogo Argentinos should not live with other small pets, such as little dogs or cats. They have a very high prey drive, so they often view small animals as snacks 

Owners should introduce them to various people, animals, and settings during puppyhood. Dogo Argentinos should be praised every time they interact positively with something new. If they become comfortable with these things while they are young, they are less likely to act aggressively towards them as adults.

Obedience Training

These dogs are super intelligent and strong-willed, so obedience training is very important. Plus, Dogo Argentinos are very strong, so if they don’t listen to their owners, they are difficult to control. It is generally recommended that only experienced dog owners get this breed because they require a lot of work to train. 

Dogo Argentinos need extensive obedience training from a young age. They should learn basic commands, such as sit, stay, lay down, and so on. Well-trained Dogo’s should listen to their owners when they say “no” and obey them even when they don’t want to. They need to understand that their owners are in charge, not the other way around, or they can become unruly. 

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Grooming Requirements

Dogos are relatively easy to take care of. The main thing owners have to worry about is shedding. Dogo’s shed heavily, so they will need to brush daily to get rid of any excess hair. Dogo Argentino owners should also bathe them occasionally when they are dirty, as this will help keep their skin healthy. 

Dogo Argentinos also need their nails to cut regularly. They have thick, strong nails that grow very fast. If not cut regularly, they may become too long, causing them to crack or split, which may be painful for the dogs. 

As with all dogs, this breed needs to have their ears checked and cleaned regularly. If owners see any wax build-up, they need to clean their Dogos’ ears with a vet-approved ear cleaning solution. If they let too much gunk build up in their ears, it may cause an infection. 

Nutrition Requirements

Dogos are considered to be large breed dogs, so from the time they are puppies, they need to have their nutritional requirements met so they can grow into well-formed adults. 

Many Dogo Argentino owners feed their adult dogs raw meat. This diet style has many pros and cons, so Dogo owners should always talk to their vet before putting them on this kind of diet.

If you'd like to learn more about this healthy raw diet be sure to visit this page we've written covering this topic.

Dogo Argentino Common Health Problems

When it comes to Dogo Argentino breed characteristics and traits, Dogo's are a very healthy breed with great genetics. They have relatively few health problems if they are purchased from responsible breeders. 

However, there are a few health concerns that come up on occasion.


It is relatively common for Dogo Argentinos to experience deafness. The AKC recommends that owners get their dogs hearing tested using the brainstem auditory evoked response, or BAER test. This will check to see if their auditory system is working as it should. 

Hip Dysplasia

Dogo Argentinos have a medium risk of getting hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia is when dogs’ hip joints don’t form properly. This causes the ball and socket joint to be out of place, leading to pain or osteoarthritis, which is when the joints harden up. This condition is hereditary, so owners need to make sure their breeder tests their dogo’s parents before purchasing a puppy.

Dogo Argentino Breed Characteristics And Traits...Conclusion

Dogo Argentino is a powerful dog who is incredibly brave. They are very smart but also strong-willed, so they need experienced owners to teach them how to be obedient. They can be wary of strangers, so they should be socialized as puppies to teach them how to interact with others. 

Dogos are also heavy shedders who need to brush regularly. They require a lot of exercise, so owners need to take them outside for frequent walks and playtime. While they are generally healthy, they are known for developing deafness and hip dysplasia.

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