Are Dogo Argentinos
Good Family Dogs?
We Answer The Top Questions You Might Have

by Ken Alden

Although initially bred for big game hunting and fighting, Dogo Argentinos have become increasingly popular, especially due to their white coats, muscular physique, and remarkable bravery. But is the Dogo Argentino loving, friendly, and patient enough to be a good family dog? 

Are Dogo Argentinos Good Family Dogs?

If patiently and diligently trained Dogo Argentinos can be good family dogs. Early socialization and behavior training, preferably during puppyhood, is crucial to ensure a Dogo Argentino learns and respects the dos and don'ts of your household. 

In this article, we'll answer some of the commonly asked questions about Dogo Argentinons to help you determine whether this Argentina-bred breed is a good fit for your family or not. 

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Are Dogo Argentinos good family dogs?

Are Dogo Argentino Kid Friendly?

Dogo Argentinos are wonderfully kid-friendly. They love physical activities and have high energy reserves, making kids ideal companions. Dogos are also very protective of children, making them an ideal companion for your kids.

If you have other kids in your neighborhood, it's important to socialize your Dogo Argentino with them so he doesn't view them as potential threats, especially if they come over and play with your kids.

Due to their weights, however, Dogos aren’t ideal for households with infants. Untrained Dogo Argentinos might end up overly excited and jump on your little one, thereby inflicting injury despite having the best intentions. Therefore, if you must keep a Dogo Argentino in a household with infants, be sure to behavior-train him to ensure he doesn’t jump on people whenever excited. 

Are Dogo Argentino Loyal?

Dogo Argentinos are extremely loyal dogs that will defend you even unto their death.  As highly territorial dogs, Dogo Argentinos will also protect your property and remain in your sight when faced with danger. 

With a combination of loyalty and bravery, Dogo Argentinos have become popular among families, especially those living in areas that warrant owning a watchdog.

Indeed, it’s great that these dogs are highly protective of their masters, but it’s almost to a fault. Dogos will attack even good-willed strangers who get overly physical with their owners, especially if not well socialized. Therefore, it’s important to ensure he is well-mannered and knows how to differentiate play from potential threats.

Are Dogo Argentino Friendly?

Dogo Argentinos are friendly, gentle, and warm toward their owners and beloved family members. As highly intelligent dogs, Dogos particularly love spending time with loved ones engaged in play and other physical activities. However, they're typically less receptive to strangers.

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Are Dogo Argentinos Good With Cats?

Dogo Argentinos are not good with random cats due to their alarmingly strong prey drive. However, if properly introduced at an early age, Dogos can develop affection towards cats and eventually view them as family members. 

In general, introduce Dogos and cats gradually and keep feeding and sleeping areas separate. Forcing the dog to interact with the family cat or other small breed dogs might lead to a fight, which your Dogo is guaranteed to win by a mile!

Are Dogo Argentino Good With Other Dogs?

Dogo Argentinos are not good with random dogs, especially same-sex dogs. Their high territorial instincts makes Dogos extra possessive of toys, territory, and people, thus cohabitation with another dog can be tricky. A Dogo can be good with other dogs over time when introduced gradually.

If you must keep a Dogo with other dogs, it's best to introduce them early, preferably when both are puppies.  It may also help to pair Dogo Argentinos with similar-size dogs, as they tend to bully and view smaller breeds as prey. Typically, Dogo Argentinos thrive best as lone dogs in a family setup.

Are Dogo Argentinos Smart?

Dogo Argentinos are smart and highly intelligent dogs that can learn new tricks in a fairly short amount of time. They easily pick up new commands and can quickly become well-behaved dogs. Unfortunately, this also means they can be hard-headed, particularly with novice owners or new trainers. 

Therefore, when training a Dogo Argentino, it’s best to start at puppyhood. Also, aim for consistency and be firm in your orders. This will help you to establish yourself as the pack leader. 

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Are Dogo Argentino Good Guard Dogs?

Dogo Argentinos are very good guard dogs - among the best around, in fact. They were initially bred for big game hunting and protecting owners from potential attacks. Their muscular physique and heavy, loud barks add to the list of guard dog features, as do their loyalty, tenacity, and aggression. 

However, without proper behavioral training, this dog’s aggressive nature can get out of hand. As a result, you’ll need to tone down a Dogo Argentino’s prey drive early enough, preferably during puppyhood to ensure his guarding instincts don’t end up getting the better of him. 

Will a Dogo Argentino Protect Me?

A Dogo Argentino will protect you through thick and thin - even put his life on the line for you. Dogos are some of the best four-legged friends, known for their loyalty and don't hesitate to retaliate or bark aggressively to protect beloved family members. 

Are Dogo Argentinos Good Apartment Dogs?

Dogo Argentinos can be good apartment dogs; however, they are better suited to households with yards and outdoor spaces. If you choose to keep a Dogo Argentino in an apartment, ensure they get plenty of exercise, and don’t leave them alone. 

When asking are Dogo Argentinos good family dogs, should you live in an apartment it's important to note that Dogo Argentinos should never be left alone due to their high energy levels. When they get bored, Dogos often choose to chew on things to keep busy. Furthermore, a Dogo Argentino requires a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy, and you’ll need to maintain an exercise schedule for him.

Are Dogo Argentino Dogs Dangerous?

Dogo Argentinos can be dangerous when threatened. These highly athletic dogs are a crossbreed of several purebred fighting dogs and now among the most aggressive around. However, Dogos generally pose no danger to beloved family members when appropriately trained.

Are Dogo Argentinos Easy To Train?

Dogo Argentinos are usually easy to train, especially if you consistently assert yourself as the leader. It’s better to keep the training session short, as these dogs are known to have short attention spans. As with most breeds, it’s best to enroll Dogos in training during puppyhood. 

Avoid punishing or shouting at Dogos during training, and instead lean towards positive reinforcement. Split up the training sessions to keep from overwhelming your pup, and work hard to show dominance. Keep in mind, this breed is very smart, and it can be a battle of wits in the beginning learning how to effectively claim dominance.

Once your Dogo Argentino puppy views you as the alpha, he’ll want to please you, and you’ll notice him become more responsive and willing to learn.

Is a Dogo Argentino Good for a First Time Owner?

Dogo Argentinos are not a good breed for a first-time owner. Their intelligence and aggression often prove to be more than new pet parents can handle, especially when dealing with adolescent puppies or fully grown dogs. 

However, if you must own a Dogo Argentino despite inexperience, it's best to outsource the training work to trusted dog experts to ensure your dog is trained by authoritative 'pack leaders.' First time owners should also integrate a new Dogo Argentino slowly into his new environment. 

Are Dogo Argentinos Good Family Dogs...Conclusion

Despite their aggression and frighteningly muscular appearance, Dogo Argentinos make great family dogs. They are both loyal and brave and will protect you and your family from any sort of risk, whether large or minute. 

Dogo Argentinos are also fairly easy to train and teach new commands. They love spending time with children and other beloved family members. Even better, Dogo Argentinos love physical activities and playtime, making them great companions for outdoor adventures. 

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