Are Great Danes Good
With Kids Or Babies?

Can They Be Trusted?

by Ken Alden

A Great Dane is one of the world's most enormous and humble dogs. They are very caring animals, yet the size of these giants can intimidate some. Leading many to wonder, are Great Danes good with kids or babies?

Great Danes are good with kids because of their playful and affectionate nature. They pair well with children and love the interaction. However, because of their large size, parents should monitor them when young ones are present.

It is not just that Great Danes make great companions for children; they are devoted members of the entire family. In this article, we will explore why they make such wonderful pets and some considerations to keep in mind when choosing one for your home. Great Danes are good with kids if these considerations are kept in mind.

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Are great danes good with kids and babies

Are Great Danes Good With Babies?

Great Danes are good with babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages. They’re also good with other pets. Amazingly, these animals are relatively quiet, with little barking. Consequently, you may be bothered by a wailing newborn, but your furry friend will be at ease!

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Great Danes and Kids: Pros

  • Protection: Great Danes protect their owners, especially the kiddos
  • Patient: The breed has an impressive amount of patience
  • Loving: They have a caring nature
  • Compatible: A Great Dane can live peacefully with the other animals in the house
  • Intelligence: Great Danes are intelligent and easy to train
  • Cuddle: Great Danes love to snuggle with your kids

Great Danes and Kids: Cons

  • Their size: The size of Great Danes and their tendency to be clumsy can knock you off balance. Especially with small children, it can seriously hurt them. A responsible adult should be present.
  • Their tails: Great Danes have robust tails. It can feel like a weapon when they wag them. As a result, children are even more vulnerable. 
  • Their bursts of energy: Great Danes are couch potatoes, but they occasionally have to release pent-up energy. Therefore, your kids and Great Dane can play together to release their energy. This can be great outside but not indoors. Watch out!
  • Their life span: Great Danes live an average of about 8-10 years. However, some can live up to 12 years with proper breeding and raising. I don’t feel this is much of a deterrent, but some may want a dog with longer life.

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Keeping Great Danes and Kids Safe

A Great Dane needs to be appropriately trained, socialized, and monitored. This will preclude any harmful accidents and make for a happier home for all household members. It would be best if you also taught your kids how to interact with this large breed.

  • Never encourage pulling on the dog’s ears or tail, wrestling it to the ground, or taking its food away. This will not be tolerated by the animal and may make him snap at the child.
  • Discourage your child from scolding the dog because they often do this harmfully. This can cause the Great Dane to bite, pounce, or knock the child down.
  • Crawling or jumping on the dog should never be tolerated by kids. A dog who suffers from arthritis may become aggressive towards a child when he is in pain, especially if he is older.
  • Teach your kids to freeze in place if the dog suddenly gets out of control. This can make the canine lose interest and allow time for an adult to intervene.
  • Have your young ones use treats, toys, and praise to reward appropriately. It is crucial to interact positively with their dog.
  • Be sure your Great Dane receives lots of socialization, especially around youngsters. Taking them to dog parks, swimming areas, or playgrounds is an excellent place for social interaction around kids. Be sure they know basic commands first, such as sit, stay, etc. 
  • If your Great Dane seems unusually aggressive or temperamental around your kids, a professional trainer may be able to help get the dog under control. They will be able to evaluate your dog’s behavior, making the pet safer around your children.
  • Get your Great Dane examined by a vet to rule out any medical condition from which the animal may be suffering. Proper medical treatment can ease your dog’s behavior and create a great relationship with you and your children.
  • Be sure to adopt your Great Dane from a reputable breeder. No puppy mills! For your kid's protection, do your research.

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Are Great Danes Good With Kids Or Babies...
Final Thoughts

Great Danes are good with kids and are also okay with babies, toddlers, and other family pets. Their gentle personality blends effortlessly with their household members, and they usually have incredible patience. Yet, as with any breed, they should continuously be monitored around youngsters to avoid injuries.

These dogs are unaware of their size and mean no harm, but better safe than sorry. Teaching your kids the proper ways to interact with their new friends will create a positive relationship between the child and the dog. Also, remember to socialize and train your Great Dane with basic commands. 

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