Cane Corso Good and Bad
8 Pros and Cons You Should Know About

by Ken Alden

When it comes to Cane Corso good and bad there's some distinct pros and cons all new or wannabe owners should know about before bringing one home.

While the Cane Corso may be great as a guard dog or family pet, it's not easy to raise and train one as an example.  So wouldn't it be great if you can find out more about the perks and perils of this breed before you adopt one or get caught by surprise by the one you just brought home?

Cane Corso Good And Bad


  • They have an instinct to protect
  • They have well balanced physical attributes
  • They’re calm and quiet inside, energetic and athletic outside


  • They need lots of socialization and companionship
  • They're strong-willed so can be tough to train
  • They're excessive droolers

This breed's temperament may be complicated, but if you know how to train them, they'll be a perfect family pet that can watch over your household. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of this dog, and to find out whether it'll be good for you to have one. Read More Below...

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Cane Corso good and bad

Here's Our Cane Corso Good And Bad List...

Cane Corso: What’s Good About ‘Em...

People used this dog mainly for rural activities, but it's traits and temperament make them great for urban households as well. Their energy level and confidence are two of the biggest reasons why they are, often, preferred over other mastiff dogs.

Here are more reasons why this breed could be the quintessential guard dog or family pet:

They Have An Instinct To Protect

Cane Corsos are natural guard dogs. They instinctively look after their owners and are highly suspicious of strangers. In the early days, people mainly use them for hunting and guarding properties and livestock. It may not be an ideal behavior in urban areas, but proper training and adequate socialization can minimize or control their temperament.

Their mastiff lineage becomes more evident as they grow and build deep ties with their owners. They become territorial, fierce, diligent, assertive, protective, and confident. All of which are traits that we often look for in guard dogs.

Pro-tip: Cane Corso anxiety, aggression, destructive chewing, jumping up, fearfulness, and other behaviors can be controlled with the right training program.

Here’s a great course that addresses these issues along with many other dog training basics: Check it out now!

They Have Well-Balanced Physical Attributes

Mastiffs are giant dog breeds, and you can expect Cane Corsos to have the same characteristic. They're heavy-boned dogs that can weigh as much as 110 lbs. Although not as massive as other mastiff breeds, they still carry a lot of power, making them intimidating for anyone—even for large dogs.

If you're going to raise this dog, it wouldn't be because of their size, but for their well-balanced physical attributes. They may be smaller when compared to other mastiffs, but they're still massive with explosive strength, athleticism, and energy. 

They’re Calm and Quiet Inside, Energetic and Athletic Outside

Cane Corso puppies are playful and active, both indoor and outdoor. As they grow, they become relaxed and quiet when inside the house. So even though they need large spaces, they're generally more manageable than other mastiff breeds. 

However, they'll thrive if you can provide them with large outdoor spaces where they can exercise and play. Unlike other mastiff breeds that are laid-back and relaxed, this dog would love to get some outdoor playtime. 

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For A Large Breed They’re Easy To Groom 

Novice groomers prefer Cane Corsos because they don't require special attention and skills to keep them clean and presentable. Other than seasonal shedding, there's very little concern with their grooming.

You only need to brush them regularly, minimize baths, and provide them with a proper diet, together with a healthy dose of omega fatty acids. If you can do all of these, they'll have one of the best coats among giant dog breeds. 

Pro-tip: Cane Corso's (and their owners) love dog crates…and for good reasons. Crates keep dogs from mischief while you're away, are perfect for house training, for traveling by car, and provide the dog a place to de-stress. Check out the best Mastiff crates on now.

Cane Corso What’s Bad About ‘Em...

Sure, they can outperform most mastiff breeds, but it doesn't mean that they're the perfect guard dog for every household. In fact, some of the disadvantages of raising a Cane Corso often outweigh the good. 

Here are some of the reasons why this breed may not be good for you: 

They Need A Balanced Exercise Regimen

Novice owners who are raising a Cane Corso for the first time may have problems in finding the sweet spot with their exercise regimen. They need enough to keep them lean and healthy, but overdoing their exercises can soften their bones, joints, and ligaments.

Adults have massive bodies that their bones need to support, so they should never overdo exercises. Add it to the fact that this breed may not do well in hot and humid environments. Yes, they can live through a hot summer day, but since they tend to expend a lot of energy during physical activities, they're prone to overheating.

That's why their energetic and athletic trait, sometimes, becomes a double-edged sword when trying to control their activity. It would be best to keep your dog accompanied when outdoors to avoid excessive playtime.

They Need Lots Of Socialization and Constant Companionship

Cane Corso is an excellent guard dog because they're always reserved, cautious, and suspicious of strangers. Without adequate socialization with other people and animals, they won't develop an understanding of whether someone is a good guy or not.

Your dog will end up seeing everyone as a potential threat, and you don't want an explosively powerful dog to have that attitude towards other people. Others may develop an opposite reaction towards strangers—they'll fear everyone, and a confident dog who fears a stranger could lead to unprovoked, defensive biting.

That's why you must understand the importance of socialization and training. It may take a lot of time and patience, but it'll save you from the trouble of seriously injuring a person or killing other animals. 

They’re Independent And Strong-Willed So Can Be Tough To Train

Cane Corsos are intelligent and quick to pick up training—they can understand and memorize commands faster than other mastiff breeds. However, they're more dominant than other dogs, and they love being in control. It's good that you can train them, and they're not as soft as other breeds, but it can be challenging to teach them various commands and routines.

Before you can effectively teach your dog, he needs to go through respect training. It'll show him that you're the boss, and he needs to follow your commands. He can still have his independence and dominance, but only when facing other people or animals.

Respect training should be enough to keep him obedient but not a pushover. If you can successfully show your dog that you're the boss, you can take advantage of his intelligence and teach him complex commands.

They Make Disturbing Sounds And Are Excessive Droolers

When it comes to Cane Corso good and bad this dog may be quiet and calm when inside the house, but like other mastiffs and giant dog breeds, they create disturbingly loud sounds. Snorting, grunting, and snoring can be a problem when raising them in small houses. An ideal setup, if you want to keep them indoors, is to have a separate space to minimize the sounds that they make. 

Most mastiff breeds drool, and Cane Corsos aren't different. It's not as common as Neapolitans, though, because some don't drool as badly or not at all. However, you still need to consider their tendency to develop this habit as they grow. If you don't like to deal with excessive drooling, it would be best to reconsider the options that you have. 

Cane Corso Good And Bad....Final Thoughts

Cane Corso is undoubtedly a top contender in the guard dog arena. Here are some of the striking traits that could make them good for you:

  • Strong instincts to protect their owners and properties.
  • Well-balanced physical attributes.
  • Manageable behavior when indoor.
  • Novice-friendly grooming.

Although this breed belongs to the top-tier guard dogs, they're not always the best option for some people because of the following:

  • Balanced exercise requirements can be challenging to address.
  • It's a highly social breed that needs constant companionship.
  • Requires intensive training to control strong temperament.
  • Disturbing sounds with the possibility of excessive drooling. 

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