Cane Corso Mastiff Heat Cycle 

When, How Often, How Long?

by Ken Alden

Has your pup reached sexual maturity? Knowing your Cane Corso Mastiff heat cycle is a necessity for every responsible pet parent. This information will help you prepare for what to expect, whether you are planning on breeding or not.

Cane Corso Mastiffs experience their first heat somewhere between 10 to 12 months. This can come as early as four to six months or as late as two years of age. Expect significant changes in your female Corso's behavior, habits, and physical characteristics during this time. 

What specific changes should you look out for when your dog has her heat cycle? What are the telltale signs that announce that your little puppy has now hit the puberty stage and is maturing sexually? Read on to learn more about this affectionate and highly intelligent dog's heat cycle and its effects. Read More Below...

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Cane Corso puppy

At What Age Does a Cane Corso Go Into Heat?

Like most Mastiff puppies, Cane Corsos will get into heat after they are six months old. The age of their first heat, however, varies. There are Corso pet owners whose dogs have come into heat earlier, at four or five months. Some Corsos are late bloomers, getting into their first heat cycle when they are a year old. 

Generally, female mastiff-type dogs will get into heat between four-months and two-year birthday. That being said, you need to steer away from stereotype heat cycle guides. Research on your dog's family history instead. Such information could offer insight into her milestones.

Knowing your Corso's heat cycle will not only come into use during breeding, but it has many other benefits as well. This knowledge will help you keep your sturdy bodyguard-dog healthy and give her a long life.

Cane Corso, First Heat Cycle… What to Expect

A Cane Corso's first heat cycle window is large. Keep a keen watch on her from five months to two years of age. This undertaking can be a burden if you do not know what to expect. So what changes should you look out for when your dog has her first cycle?

There are the telltale signs that announce that your little puppy has now hit her puberty stage. Your Corso's behavior towards other dogs and you will change. Like most pet owners, it will be an anxious time for you and your dog as well. Below are the phases of a dog's heat cycle and tips on what to expect as a pet parent.

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Proestrus is the onset of the heat period. Your adventurous, agile, and speedy Corso puppy's behavior will take what seems like a sudden shift. While children take ages to develop, a dog's maturity may strike you as an overnight occurrence. 

The first distinct sign that your dog is in the heat is the swollen vulva. She might also give off a visible blood-tinged discharge. 

Cane Corsos being large mastiffs, may bleed heavily when in heat. Therefore, doggie diapers will come in handy during her cycles. One of the best female dog diapers is the Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers. They are leak-proof, have a super absorbent core, and will keep your doggie comfortable. For reusable diapers, try the Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers.

At this stage, your Corso will also excessively lick her vulva to keep herself clean. She may display some aggression towards male dogs in her vicinity and display an unusual amount of clinginess.

A Cane Corso's heat will last a two to four-week period. Corsos have a long puppy stage, and so should not breed during her first heat cycle. The second or third cycle is best for her, as she will have reached full maturity.


Your adorable little Corso has not only lost her soft puppy coat for a thicker adult one but is becoming territorial. At Estrus, she will become more hospitable to ready-to-mate male dogs. During Estrus, your Corso will urinate more than usual to spread pheromones that announce her willingness to mate. She might also pick fights with female dogs. Don't be alarmed, this is just part of the Cane Corso mastiff heat cycle.

It is ill-advised to spay Corsos before their growth plates close as it affects the production of hormones critical to bone health and growth. Responsible dog owners might find that they have a lot of paw parenting to do at this point.


At this phase, your dog's sudden shift of attention towards male dogs will subside. The vaginal discharge will peter out, and her vulva will return to its normal size. Should you have missed all the signs of your Corso's first heat, this is the point her pregnancy starts if she mated.


This is the inactive stage of the heat cycle. The uterine repair process will start. In its initial stages, there is still a high chance of your dog getting pregnant. Keep her away from male dogs until her body gets back to its postheat shape. 

Anestrus can last anywhere from 90 days for small dog breeds to 150 days for large breeds before proestrus kicks in to begin another heat cycle.

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How Long Does a Cane Corso Stay in Heat?

The average Corso bitch's heat cycle will last two to four weeks. Corsos’ genetic makeup is key to the length of the phase, to keep your little Corso puppy free, keep her from males until her body goes back to normal. Breeding mastiffs are at their peak of fertility within nine days into the proestrus phase.

Cane Corsos, like most mastiffs, will have their heat cycle recur every six months, though their cycles will not be regular until they are older. There are Corsos with longer intervals between cycles, as high as ten months apart.

After her first heat, your dog will remain fertile throughout her lifetime, so it is important to monitor her body's clock. If you do not want her to breed, spay her to free her from health challenges. It will also release you from the taxing responsibility of monitoring her cycles.

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How to Prepare for Your Cane Corso’s Heat Cycle

Like kids at puberty, your Cane Corso will also have tons of hormonal changes as she gets into heat. Skip the facial hair and acne and throw in lots of behavioral and physical changes. 

As your Corso experiences the physical changes in her body, she will also start acting differently. This is the time you should be a more caring pet parent to help her go through the process as smoothly as possible. 

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your bitch's heat cycle:

Give Her Space

One of the common behavioral changes in a bitch in heat is the increase in aggression. 

Corsos, by nature, have a vigorous temperament that loves challenges. She can be an excellent family dog, and not overly aggressive as long as she has a consistent and confident owner.

While these amazing large pets are docile towards family and children, their increased aggression during their cycles can be a problem. Therefore, you should keep them away from other dogs or children during her cycle, giving her space to retreat to.

You can put your female Corso in a separate area during this time to avoid unnecessary fights. This also helps if you aren't planning on breeding your Corso—keep the female away from the male. 

Be More Understanding

During her heat cycle, your affectionate and docile Corso might not enjoy petting as she did before. An elevation of hormones in her body could stress her. She might also act insecure and in need of attention because of the strange changes going on in her. The best you can be is more understanding and allowing her to adjust at her own pace.

Be Gentle and Caring

Dogs have high pain tolerance and may not whine at every ache and pain. However, during the Cane Corso mastiff heat cycle, they'll have body aches and cramps, which may lessen their activity and agility.

To ease her physical discomfort, massage her belly and leg muscles when she comes to you for comfort. Give her soft food such as chicken, if she turns away from her regular diet. She is only nauseous.

Cane Corso Mastiff Heat Cycle...Conclusion

Understanding when your Cane Corso has reached sexual maturity and is in the heat is necessary to ensure you are well prepared to handle them as required during this time. 

Anytime from the age of 6 months, your female Corso may experience her first heat cycle. Some of the measures you can take to care for her include giving her space (especially away from other dogs) and being more understanding and gentle.

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