Best Mastiff Dog Beds
Helpful Guide for Choosing the Right Bed

by Ken Alden

Mastiffs love having their beds, but more than a space that they can call their own, there are plenty of other benefits that your dog can get from it. Beds keep them warm and cozy, supports arthritic joints, and even helps in preventing calluses. All of these only lead to one thing—it's not a luxury for them, but a necessity.

So, how can you find the best Mastiff dog beds? It's impossible to recommend a "one bed to rule them all." Normal dog beds, for example, are great for dogs in balanced environments, but when it gets too hot, they'll need a more expensive elevated bed. Seniors, on the other hand, need memory foam to help support their aging bodies and joints.

There's really no straightforward answer to it, but we'll discuss everything in great detail in this article to help you decide which bed would be best for your Mastiff. We'll even give you some of the best dog beds that we believe will be most beneficial for your pet.

Mastiff Size Dog Bed: How Big of One Should I Get?

When looking for Mastiff beds, remember this—size matters! If you're raising this giant breed, there can be no bed too big for him! Unless, of course, you're looking for one that your puppy can use.

For adults, the recommended size for a dog bed is 48 inches (122 cm) or larger, but it'll be ridiculously huge for puppies. So, if you want your puppy to have the comfort that he needs, it would be best to look for a 34-inch (86 cm) bed, then upgrade it as he grows. 

Aside from comfort, one reason why you need a bed that has the right size is for support. This breed is prone to various bone and joint abnormalities, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. However, having a supportive bed that suits your dog's size can reduce strains in their joints and help them reach full maturity.

Large Dog Beds for Mastiffs

Buying only one bed for your dog throughout his life can save you money, which is great! But other than that, there's no additional benefit that you, or your dog, can get from it. So, to help you find the best beds that you can use for growing Mastiffs, here are the best we've seen at 44 inches (112 cm) and smaller:

large dog asleep on bed

Bully Beds Orthopedic Bed
 from uses a medical-grade orthopedic foam, which is an excellent material choice for a bed! But it doesn't end there because it also features a chew-resistant build and hypoallergenic cover that improves your dog's bedtime while assisting him during his crucial development stage.

senior dog sleeping on bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed
 from is, perhaps, one of the most comfortable beds that you can get for your pet. It uses a human-grade foam that aims to support the head, hip, bones, and joints. It even includes a machine-washable, hair, and fur-resistant cover with a water-resistant liner that helps in keeping the bed clean and hygienic.

dog loving his new bed

PetFusion Ultimate Bed
 from uses CertiPUR-US orthopedic memory foam that is safe for all pets. It's not only a comfy bed that your dog will love, but also one of the few that can actually improve health, mobility, and energy. The tear and water-resistant cover is an excellent addition, which brings more value for you and comfort for your dog!

Mastiff Elevated Dog Beds

Sometimes, even the best bed isn't enough for your pet, especially when it gets too hot! You want something that promotes better airflow, giving your dog better comfort without sacrificing support. Here are three of the best elevated beds we've seen for Mastiffs:

elevated dog bed

Kuranda Orthopedic Elevated Bed from isn't really that hard to include in this list, with its chew-proof and robust construction that is perfect for indoor settings. The patented poly resin bed provides enough support for large dogs while keeping it safe for pets with allergies and sensitive skin. It also uses an abrasion-resistant fabric that provides enough traction when getting on and off.

elevated dog cot

K&H Bed Cot With Mesh Center from uses waterproof, 600-denier fabric that has a center mesh for better airflow. It can hold up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg) of weight, which is more than enough, even for adults. But more than all of these features, this bed is one of the few options that you can use for indoor and outdoor settings!

portable elevated bed

Veehoo Portable Elevated Bed from has a center mesh with Textilene fabric for UV stabilization, excellent heat and water-resistance, and without sacrificing breathability to keep your pet cool! It's quality sleep on the go, with its easy-assemble design that doesn't require tools to set up—perfect for indoor, outdoor, and even while camping!

Best Mastiff Dog Beds...Extra Large

As for the extra-large dog beds, we've tried almost every option available to find three things; a bed larger than 50 inches (127 cm), durable enough to support their weight, and won't compromise usability for comfort. Here are the best extra-large beds that we highly recommend:

dog resting on an orthopedic bed

Big Barker Orthopedic Bed
 from has some of the most outrageous claims for dog beds, including the retention of 90% of its shape even after ten years—or get a new one for free! We tested it for ourselves, and its 7-inch orthopedic foam feels firm but comfy even for humans! This therapeutic bed is also easy to clean with its microfiber, machine-washable cover.

dog resting on a therapeutic bed

Furhaven Therapeutic Bed
 from is an ergonomic sofa-style bed that features a contoured form factor, providing great comfort for your pet. With a thickness of 8 inches on the edges and 5 inches in the middle, even humans will find it comfortable to use. The removable, machine-washable cover, allows you to clean it with ease, keeping it hygienic for your pet.

dog relaxing on a dog bed

K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Bed
 from uses CertiPUR-US foam that stays in place without compromising your dog's comfort and joint support. If the name didn't give it away, it's an indestructible chew-proof bed that can handle even the biggest and heaviest Mastiffs!

Best Senior Mastiff Dog Beds

The best beds for senior Mastiffs can be tricky to find because most beds don't have the combination of joint support, memory foam, firmness, and durability to carry their weight! You're in luck because we did the work for you and came up with these beds that are perfect for seniors or aging dogs: best mastiff dog beds

mastiff resting on memory foam bed

Brindle Soft Memory Foam Bed
 from is the safest that you can get for your dog. It only has three inches of orthopedic memory foam, keeping your dog as close to the ground as possible without compromising comfort. It works well in relieving achy joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia—perfect for supporting your dog's aging physique.

large dog on orthopedic bed

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Bed
 from is the most comfortable bed that you can get for your dog. It uses a premium memory foam that can provide support for arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, and even post-surgery. It also includes a machine-washable cover to help keep the bed a comfortable place for your pet to sleep.

dog on orthopedic bed

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Bed
 from is the perfect bed for spoiled seniors and something worth splurging on! It has a suede outer cover, a waterproof inner cover, and a gel memory foam for exceptional comfort and support. It's so good that it feels better and more comfortable than the actual bed that we're sleeping on—only cheaper!

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