What Do Cane Corsos Like?
10 Common Questions Answered

by Ken Alden

So what do Cane Corsos like? How do they feel about cats, other dogs, snow, the heat, swimming, running etc. etc....we cover this and more in this interesting article!

What Do Cane Corsos Like?

Do Cane Corsos Like...

  • Cats?...Yes! If trained early on they can make for great pals
  • Cold or Hot Weather?...They like both but not extreme cold or hot
  • Cuddling?...With family yes, outsiders not so much
  • Running?...Yes! but prolonged running isn't good for their joints
  • Swimming?...Yes, but they aren't the greatest of swimmers

If you’re thinking about getting a Cane Corso, learn more about this breed and follow along as we answer the 10 most common questions to help you determine if they’re a great fit for your family.

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What do cane corsos like?

Do Cane Corsos Like Cats?

Cane Corsos like cats. Although they’re big, tall, and boisterous, they can get along with other animals and household pets. The trick is to ensure the Cane Corso is trained early enough, preferably during puppyhood, to learn to live with other family members.

However, you’ll need to separate their feeding and sleeping areas, especially when introducing the new Cane Corso and the family cat for the first time. 

Naturally, the Cane Corso tends to view tiny animals as prey, meaning they’re likely to pounce on your cat or smaller pets if they’re not well-trained. If you opt to adopt an adult Cane Corso, it's best to practice patience when introducing the two pets. 

Do Cane Corsos Like Cold Weather?

cane corso in cold weather

Cane Corsos like cold weather and are highly adaptable. As revealed by the AKC, Cane Corsos usually have short, double-layered coats. The undercoat tends to vary depending on the weather, meaning your Cane Corso will be perfectly capable of handling different types of weather.

However, the problem arises when dealing with extreme weather.

To reduce the chances of your gigantic canine best friend getting sick, it's best to keep them warm during cold weather. Try as much as possible to lock all windows close to their sleeping area. Also, ensure that they’re warm enough both inside and outside.

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Do Cane Corsos Like Heat?

Cane Corsos like the heat, and with their short coats, they’re built to thrive in warm weather. However, the challenge arises when it becomes extremely hot. 

As a Brachycephalic dog, the Cane Corso is likely to struggle when regulating their internal temperature because of the breed's short snout, which tends to interfere with breathing patterns (when panting). This explains why Cane Corsos are notorious for snorting and gurgling when panting too cool down.

Do Cane Corsos Like Other Dogs?

Cane Corsos may like other dogs and do well with them. However, because they have high guarding instincts, which explains why they tend to appoint themselves as the official guard and protector of the home, they might view other animals, especially small breed dogs, as potential intruders and even prey. 

To ensure that your Cane Corso gets along well with other dogs, it's best to train them early enough, more so if you have other pups in your home. And to increase the chances of successful integration into the family, it's highly advisable to pair Cane Corsos with dogs of the opposite sex. 

Of course, Cane Corsos can get along with dogs of the same sex, but you'll need to put in a lot more work to ensure your furry friend won't view the other dog as a potential threat. Enrolling your Cane Corso in social training early enough should help them get along with other breeds.

Do Cane Corsos Like Snow?

Cane Corsos like snow and are fascinated by the sight of it, just like many other dog breeds. They'll want to go outside and play around, but before allowing your fearless protector out in the cold, it's best to ensure they're warm enough–lest they end up at the vet's treatment table. what do cane corsos like?

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Do Cane Corsos Like the Cold?

Cane Corsos like the cold well enough because they're built to adapt to it, as well as hot weather. They can handle summers and won't mind playing outside in the snow during winter. However, you should always ensure your Cane Corso is sufficiently warm before letting them play outside during harsh weather. 

Luckily, Cane Corso coats tend to thicken over winter, meaning your dog won't struggle to cope with the cold weather. As a rule of thumb, though, you shouldn't allow your pup to stay out for long during winter.

Puppy Cane Corsos are likely to adapt better to cold weather as they'll develop a thick undercoat to keep them warm whenever winter strikes.

Do Cane Corsos Like To Cuddle?

cane corso being cuddled

Cane Corsos like to cuddle, and they can be gentle and warm towards their beloved family members but not so much towards outsiders. They typically love to sit in strategic locations inside the house (where they can see all the action) but will rarely pass the chance to sit and 'hang' with family members. 

Besides sitting close and bonding during play, Cane Corsos also show their affection by leaning on their owners and probably when they follow you around and play with you. However, don't expect them to sit on your lap all day like some other smaller breeds.

Do Cane Corsos Like To Run?

Cane Corsos love to run and engage in different physical activities, though their calm disposition and large size might allude to a disinterest. But they'll rarely turn down the opportunity to play fetch, run, and go hiking. 

And as high-energy dogs, it's crucial to ensure your Cane Corso gets at least 30 to 40 minutes of exercise every day. The more active you keep your pup, the happier and healthier they'll be. 

Try spicing up your Cane Corso's activities by playing fetch and involving them in your walks or runs. They also love running in shallow water and splashing around as a form of play.

Do Cane Corsos Like To Swim?

Cane Corsos like to swim, although they're not the best swimmers. But whether they'll love swimming or not largely depends on how often you take them in the water. They'll most probably enjoy it if they swim with the entire family (or at least some beloved members). 

To make the activity more fun for your Cane Corso, it's best to carry some of their toys that can float, especially when introducing them to swimming for the first time. Try as much as possible to make this new adventure fun for them, so they'll get excited about swimming. 

Do Cane Corsos Like Water?

Cane Corsos like water and to play in it. While they might initially be skeptical when introduced to large water bodies, they'll have fun and even enjoy a game of fetch once they get used to the water.

Additionally, Cane Corsos won't mind playing in cold water, but it's best to ensure they're warm enough, especially once they're done goofing around in the water. 

What Do Cane Corsos Like...Final Thoughts

Cane Corsos are gentle giants that love spending time with their owners and engaging in as many physical activities as possible. So, for your Cane Corso to thrive, it's best to play with them and keep them engaged physically and mentally daily. 

Since Cane Corsos don't fancy extreme temperatures, you should always look to regulate the temperature to avoid overwhelming your four-legged best friend. Additionally, your supreme guard dog won't have a hard time getting along with your other pets, provided they've socialized early enough.

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